Monday, January 31, 2011


Skyline and S Saskatoon River
...Saskatchewan, founded in 1822 by quite a group,
The Temperance Colonization Society in one fell swoop.
Of course, times have changed and that group is gone,
but in parts of the city, the origins live on.

It's a large city, by my terms anyway,
but it's warm and inviting, lots of places to stay,
the people are friendly, they really like to talk,
and there is at least one place to go for a good walk.

The Ancient Spirals Retreat, click to enlarge

Saskatoon at night

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Douglas Provencial Park...

Fun on the lake
..Saskatchewan, on Lake Diefenbaker, and lots of sand,
sand in dunes eighty feet high, more than you could hold in your hand,
hiking trails among the dune, and the large lake is there for you,
the lake is huge with lots of fish and boats, and you have nothing to do?

The trails include a section of the Trans Canada Trail,
that's one long trail across this land, not for the frail,
170 species of birds and many kinds of fish,
bring binoculars or a pole, there is a lot on your dish.

Walk along the dunes

Sunset on the trail

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Regina-seen from the Trans-Canada Highway
...Saskatchewan, second largest city,business leader too,
there's a lot here for visitors, like me or you,
a lot to see, a lot to do, take a walk in one of the parks,
or see the museums, or go to a movie on a lark.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have a large presence here,
it's the home of the Academy, where graduation brings a cheer;
and the march in the red uniforms is quite a sight,
there's no doubt they'll get their man, and stand for what is right.

Graduation Parade - RCMP Academy

The downtown district

Friday, January 28, 2011


The Town of Kandahar and Quill Lake
..... Saskatchewan, a peaceful little hamlet with lots of farms and fish,
the Town was named in the late 1800's for a British Victory in Afghanistan, it's not a local dish,
it's quiet here near this great lake, and the water abounds,
please stop on your way through, and quickly make the rounds.

Some Canadian troops are over in the name-sake of this little town,
yes, some are in Kandahar, and they still don't wear a frown;
so let us thank our neighbors, way up in the north,
when we asked, they listened, and sent those soldiers forth.

the road in to town

Canadian troops prepare to the "other" Kandahar

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Broadway Street in Yorkton
...Saskatchewan, a pleasant country town,
serves more grain farmers, and you won't see a frown;
it's a busy place, lots of people come an go,
almost takes you back, to some years ago.

Farmers need services, and a lot of them too,
so towns like Yorkton are here, to do what they do,
doctors, dentists, bankers and mechanics here to serve you,
they fill the needs for those, yes, they really do.
One of the surrounding farms

Yorkton, seen from the air

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Duck Mountain Provencial Park...

Tamarack turns in the fall
...Manitoba, is the turning point between the far north, and the farms,
wooded and hilly the landscape holds more good than any harms;
it's a place to study, go back in history,
take a good look around, and see what science sees.

Once there was a lake, Lake Agassiz, big as the sky,
the flat bottom is now the Manitoba flat farm land, the lake has gone goodbye;
it's those things that happened so many years ago,
that make us all wonder, now...where did the time go?

Busy Beavers

Sunset, on one of the many small lakes

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Brand is known as the "wheat city"
...Manitoba, out in the wheat fields, it's not all the quiet,
in this city of forty thousand, business is at near riot;
it's the harvest time, every thing's moving fast,
but after planting time is over, all that's in the past.

Bankers, stores and restaurants thrive on it all,
of course they're here to serve, whether sprint or fall,
but it's wheat that makes the money flow, up here in the north,
so take a look around the town, before heading forth.
A look at Brandon

A field of Canola, it's a rotation crop

Monday, January 24, 2011

Riding Mountain National Park...

A large herd of Bison live in the park
Lot's of components here in the place,
prairies and mountains that make my heart race;
lakes, streams and rivers water the land,
glacier remnants too, all part of the plan.

Thousands of critters some large and some small,
I can't even begin to name them all,
the Bison are such a wonderful sight,
I stand amazed at their great might.

Clear Lake and beach

Glacier Pinnacles

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hammock Marsh....

Hammock Marsh Interpretive Center
Ducks Unlimited HQ for Canada
...Manitoba, those buildings are sunken in to the marsh,
so they fit in to the surroundings, don't look to harsh;
it's a visitor center to help folk understand what they do,
it's open, it's free, theirs waiting for me and for you.

Quite a few critters out here in the marsh too,
of course the geese and the ducks, more than a few;
ground squirrels and weasels, probably more,
and a nice board walk, so your feet won't get sore.
Richardsons Ground Squirrels

Walk through the marsh

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park...

One of the cliffs
...Ontario, it's a small park, but tall,
rocky shoreline, and a hike that's all;
a beautiful break for us today,
a walk around and we'll hit the hay.

Critters are here, they're all over the place,
or when climbing the cliffs, it's you to brace;
it would be a difficult climb for the ageing,
but that's okay we stay and keep the campfire raging

Your host for today

You see the land looks like a sleeping giant, from a distance

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pukaskwa National Park....

A small lagoon, Lake Superior
...Ontario, What a place to travel, why so many smiles?
It's because there is a park, every few miles,
we can work across Canada, just park hopping, I would guess,
it's what it's all about, it's why I got in this "mess".

The birdwatchers much come here a lot at a time,
there are so many bird, of every different kind,
yellow heads, and red heads, a paradise of sorts,
spring would be the time to see..the way "he" courts.

Yellow headed black bird, click to enlarge

Pukaskwa sunset

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lake Superior Provincial Park....

On a windy day
...Ontario, a small park tucked in between the towns,
a celebration of "seashore", a place no one frowns,
there is a beach made for walking, some hiking too.
Got a spare day?  This is the place for you.

If you can climb, the rock face is prime,
that's not for me, I'm too much out of time;
the hike to the top, steep, too much for me,
but if you go, there's a reward, in what you see.

Rocks to climb here

Near the top, an alpine type pond

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sault Sainte Marie....

Cold and clear
...Ontario, home of the Soo Locks and International Bridge,
from the low elevation of Superior to the high of a ridge;
this is the homes of the worlds busiest locks, right here,
between Lake Superior and the "lower lakes", they're near.

Iron ore must be the biggest commodity shipped,
water levels pumped up and down, and none are skipped;
the bridge marks the end of US Interstate 75,
it's a long ride across, but you'll come out alive.

The Soo Locks, with a ship just passed through, and the International Bridge,
Michigan on one side, Ontario on the other. Click to enlarge

Ouimet Canyon, straddle a long dry river bed.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Killarney Provincial Park...

A resident
...Ontario, on the shores of Lake Superior,
there is nothing here that's inferior;
come in for a walk, or a bit of a climb,
or just to sit in nature, so sublime.

There's an outdoor observatory you can use,
examine the edge of space, lot's of views,
or just look around here on good old Earth,
don't get close to the bears, give them wide berth.

The Observatory

Superior shore

Monday, January 17, 2011

Algonquin Provincial Park....

A lake to look down on.
....Ontario, so much to see and so little time,
a camera is good to make those memories mine;
what nature provides in this park is so good,
I think I'm delighted that she invented wood.

The birds and animals that roam this great land,
if all heard together would form a large band,
warblers are here, 40 species in all,
yellow, blue and red, like the leaves in the fall.

Okay, move those cars...I'm waiting!

A long boardwalk, click to enlarge

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Algonquin Provincial Park....

a large bog
...Ontario, 2955 square miles of park,
2400 lakes, if you're out on a lark;
it's the size of Delaware, or nearly so,
and you can believe there's places to go.

It's a year round park, and a historic site,
to see the whole thing, you'd use your might;
there are mountains to climb, and rivers to swim,
fishing in lakes, and stuff to do on a whim.
One of the lakes.
Visit in the fall, if you like color

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Rideau Falls on the Ottawa River
...Ontario, it's Canada's government seat,
and on top of that, this place is really neat!
You can see the place where Parliament holds sway,
or visit some of the parks, if you're from away.

There are too many great sights to see,
but we only have one day, cut back to some degree;
there are the rivers to go and cast for trout,
because - we're not elected, so here we have no clout.

The Parliament Building, lit up for the holidays

One of the parks in spring