Sunday, February 28, 2010


....Missouri, an interesting place,
historically significant, a medical ace;
A.T. Still University the home of  osteopathic medicine,
in this small town, a college can be seen.

There is recreation if you like the out of doors,
providing, of course, that you've finished your chores;
fishing is abundant, you can hunt wild boars,
license required, a gun too, and the hunt is yours.

Top:  The Town of Kirksville,
Middle: Half of downtown.
Bottom: A poetic wall.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


.....Missouri, home of General Omar Bradley of WW2 fame,
and if you have kids who read Scholastic books this is the name...
...for the call center and distribution, and making a tool,
and home of Randolph Park walking trail and pool.

Busy little place, that's what I would call it,
lots to see and lots to do, I would rather sit,
We are on U S highway sixty-three,
which we will follow as far as we can see.
Top:  Geese make a home in Randolph Parks 50 acre pond.
Middle: The Veterans Day Parade.
Bottom: Part of downtown Moberly.

Friday, February 26, 2010


....Missouri, the city is hoppin'
this adopted home of Scott Joplin.
Located near anything you could want,
it's easy to see why residents make it their haunt.

Historic, restored and still standing,
at Whitman Air Base the B2's are landing,
the railroad depot's a museum now,
but so well done, it's an eye popping wow!
Top:  The City of Sedalia
Middle: The restored railroad station
Bottom: This amazing photo was taken in Sedalia Missouri on March 12th 2006 where over 113 tornados were reported. 10 people were left dead and more than 100 injured and destroying and damaging over 1000 homes.  The brave people of Sedalia have rebuilt better than before.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


....Missouri, on the Osage River,
now dammed up in promise to deliver...
...power for the people, flood control too;
the Truman Dam, built by me and you.

A very large lake, fifty-six thousand acres,
and fish large enoungh to be called back breakers,
recreation here is center on the water,
but hunting abounds, but do what you oughta.
Top:  Herons, they like it here
Middle: Warsaw from the air
Bottom: The Truman Dam on the Osage River.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


....Missouri, birthplace of Route sixty-six,
and this is a city where you can get your kicks.
It's the same place where the gunfight got it's start.
Wild Bill Hickcock and shot David Tutt Jr. through the heart.

There are battlefields here from the Civil War too,
the first battles west of the Mississippi came through,
the National Cemetery where they buried the dead, all,
lie in the field North and South separated by a stone wall.
Top:  Springfield logo
Middle: One of the city parks
Bottom: Museum of Forks in the Road (just kidding) just a different piece of art.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


....Missouri, named for Kabul Afghanistan by a railroad worker who...
...had helped build a railway there in 1880, he thought it was good here too.
It's a nice little town in the Ozarks at the headwaters of the Big Piney River,
a friendly place and people who are ready to deliver.

Top:  Downtown Cabool
Middle: Redbud in the spring
Bottom: On the outskirts of town, looks nice.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


....Missouri, is a real small town, but they have something to offer,
Foxtrot and Flatfoot, gaits of horses at the Missouri Foxtrot Center;
where riders and horses are taught those walks,
it takes a long time, and nobody squawks.

The Ozarks are here with beauty and splendor,
above is an example of turning October;
the people are friendly and the horses are fine,
I'm thinking of Meatloaf, that horse of mine.
Top:  Ozarks in fall glory
Middle: Coyotes Winona gets a nuzzle
Bottom: A frolic, and some exercise too.

Poplar Bluff....

....Missouri, on the Black River, and a host to...
...the Mark Twain National Forest, here for you,
there are opportunities galore, and places to go,
some are outdoors, and some are for show.

In the Ozark Foothills, there's that word again,
Ozark, well tomorrow we will begin,
to see the east side, we've seen the west,
now we'll just have to decide, which is best.
Top:  The Black River in Poplar Bluff
Middle: March 2008, the river flooded.
Bottom: Here is an old barn, why does it have a mailbox?

Saturday, February 20, 2010


....Missouri, if you want a garden it's the place to be,
cotton, watermelon, corn and rice are in plenty;
located in the 'bootheel' or the state,
Kennett lays claim to these things that are great.

Kennett is home to about tweleve thousand souls,
a hub for the farmer, and shop keepers add to the rolls,
there are people born in this town that you know,
maybe most famous is Sheryl Crow.
Top:  One of many farm fields
Middle:  An ice storm in January 2009, very costly storm
Bottom:  Singer Sheryl Crow

Thursday, February 18, 2010


....Mississippi, just south of Memphis, one of a sports lovers towns,
built by Kemmons Wilson, of the Holiday Inns he owns,
it's growing fast, doubles in twenty years,
and look at the ball park, home of hearty cheers.

Right on the river, and fairly close to town,
it's a great spot, if you wanted to settle down,
but we're just passing through, to ever greener pastures,
stopped to see the town, built by one of the masters.
Top:  "Steam boats a'coming"
Middle:  The baseball park, home of the Dizzy Dean World Series
Bottom: "Down by the riverside"


....Mississippi; home of the Blues, in the Delta land,
where cotton is king, and the music has a hand;
this is the place where the Blues was born,
played by guitar, or done with a horn.

Sam Cooke, Muddy Waters, this is their hometown,
and Tennessee Williams too, carries this crown,
and this is home to the "Depot" which is the site,
of African American's great Northern flight.
Top:  A marker to designate the"Home of the Blues"
Middle:  The 'Depot' refurbished and home of businesses.
Bottom:  The 'lifeblood' of the Delta - cotton

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


....Mississippi, where the Tallahatchie and Yazoo Rivers meet,
and if ya'll like catfish, it's raised here, get all you can eat;
there are many industries that work here,
names you've all heard of, if far or near.

Milwaukee Electric Tools, made 'em right here,
and lot's of other things, this place comes loud and clear;
and if you like water, two rivers are enough,
go to museums, do some other stuff.
Top: Greenwood
Middle: The Confederate Memorial- one of only two.
Bottom:  The sun sets on Greenwood

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yazoo City....

....Mississippi, a town with a funney name,
named for the Yazoo River, the name is the same,
it's not too bad, considering what we've seen,
the place is cleaned up to a virtual sheen.

The town is the center for area trade,
manufacturing here, many things made;
but in the summer when the cotton is high,
find a cool spot, and let out a sigh.
Top:  Downtown, Yazoo City, MS
Middle: For sale in town, 1937 Buick, it's got a Cadillac 412 under that hood!
Bottom: A Cardnial takes a break in the cemetary.

Monday, February 15, 2010


....Mississippi, the "pearl" of the south,
you've heard it here, right out of my mouth,
the Mississippi Braves a double A team,
is a bright spot, amoung others to be seen.

It's been highly recommended as a retirement place,
by national magazines, it nice, there is no rat race,
prices are reasonable and the climates a bit hot,
a lot of people like it, but, then again some do not.
Top:  From the Pearl CofC web site.
Middle: The public library, very nice
Bottom:  Home of the Braves, a nearly new ball park

Sunday, February 14, 2010


.....Mississippi, a busy but tranquil place,
history is preserved, there is no rat race;
but it stays busy, business like's it here,
and I'm sure at the ballgames people will cheer.

Cotton is king no longer, lumber takes its place,
mills are busy with yellow pine, the trees can't keep pace,
the manufacture of goods for agricultural use,
also is a provider of jobs, it's good, no ruse.

Top:  Farm bounty on local sale
Middle: What we used to be like,
Bottom: and what we are like now.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


....Mississippi, is right on the River and a grand old place,
with a long history and home of the Natchez Trace,
an overland route used by traders from the Ohio Valley,
and an important place in the U S Civil War history.

Laissez les Bon Ton Roulez! (Come and party-not literal tranlation)

A grand celebration of Mardi Gras is here,
and a good time is enjoyed by all, have no fear;
but it's a quiet City for most of the year,
a center of commerce for the farms that are near.

Top:  The mighty Mississippi
Middle: One of the historic homes
Bottom:  A nearby farm

Friday, February 12, 2010


There are just over 3700 residents in Ferriday, but, this is no race,
a large number of famous people come from this place;
Howard K. Smith and Cambell Brown give us the news,
Mickey Gilley, Jimmy Swagert and Jerry Lee Lewis share their views.

That right! It's the "Killers" hometown, he who does insprire,
with a whole lot of shaking and great balls of fire,
the best player of the piano, without any doubt,
if we were to be lucky, the fire would not go out.

Maybe you can tell:  I'm a huge fan
Top:  Downtown in Ferriday
Middle: Sign for Jerry Lee Lewis Avenue
Bottom:  The Killer himself.
Vist You Tube to view and listen to the great man!  Just enter his name in the search box, sit back and hear the greatest.