Friday, February 12, 2010


There are just over 3700 residents in Ferriday, but, this is no race,
a large number of famous people come from this place;
Howard K. Smith and Cambell Brown give us the news,
Mickey Gilley, Jimmy Swagert and Jerry Lee Lewis share their views.

That right! It's the "Killers" hometown, he who does insprire,
with a whole lot of shaking and great balls of fire,
the best player of the piano, without any doubt,
if we were to be lucky, the fire would not go out.

Maybe you can tell:  I'm a huge fan
Top:  Downtown in Ferriday
Middle: Sign for Jerry Lee Lewis Avenue
Bottom:  The Killer himself.
Vist You Tube to view and listen to the great man!  Just enter his name in the search box, sit back and hear the greatest.

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