Saturday, April 30, 2011

French River Provincial Park...

The French River in a section of natural rock walls - click
...Ontario, the drain of Lake Nipissing runs to Georgian Bay,
that's a long trip, even water takes more than a day;
and all along the flow there are many scenic places,
I'd like to see it in the spring, when the water really races.

It is also a great place, if you have a love of rocks,
and there are guided tours for people who like talks,
so if your into water, rocks or just good views,
this might be the place, I'll share the welcome news.
Recollet Falls - click
Granite with pink veins of Feldspar at sunset
Nice scenery in autumn

Friday, April 29, 2011

Killarney Provincial Park...

The view from the Granite Ridge Trail - click
...Ontario, a very scenic park your for the viewing,
if you like those rounded granite hills, come here and stop your stewing,
the formations are almost the same as Acadia National Park,
except there's no ocean, but there's camping after dark.

Many kinds of animals, 40 reptiles and amphibians too,
and over one hundred species of birds that flew;
come and enjoy the peace and quiet here,
walk a trail of just sit, it will fill you with cheer.
A Killarney sunrise - click
Looking down "The Crack", a split mountain? - click
George Lake - click

Thursday, April 28, 2011


A frosty morning, Spanish Ontario
...Ontario, si habla Canadian, or onions, I don't know which,
or how the Town of Spanish got it's name - don't bitch.
It's a small and pleasant place, where we could spend the day,
but it is not frequented by visitors, or "people from away".

And there aren't too many photographers who come and snap a bunch,
but there are a few places where you could stop for lunch;
and for the lack of pictures, to bad it's really nice,
we have just three photos, so we'll put this part on ice.

The Spanish River meet Lake Superior

Spanish Light - now retired.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Channel Islands Provincial Park....

LaCloche Mountains in the park
....more of Ontario covered with hills and lakes,
we should see more of them, if we have the time it takes;
all worth viewing, each has it place and time,
so let's just travel forth, with me that's more than fine.

Great views are everywhere, you won't know which way to look,
if we took pictures of them all, we'd need a very large book;
so we take a peek or two, then travel on our way,
but, before we go, let's see what we found today.

The "Flowerpot" on the shore of Lake Superior

A couple canoe on Lake LaCloche
Sunset on Squaw Island

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Montreal River Provincial Park....

A view near the park entrance
...this is a wild place, you're going to need a boat,
or a canoe, kayak, or something that will float;
or, you can walk in, and live among the trees,
or high on a mountain top where you can feel the breeze.

There's a lot of research done in places like this,
it's raw and unexploited, science lives in bliss;
all sorts of lichens, bear berries and a granite bluff,
they're in there working, they really know their stuff.
Lake Superior on a windy day
The Montreal River take a fall-click
An aerial view in autumn, nice

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lake Superior Provincial Park....

The shoreline and the lake-click
...this is a park where you can take a short ride,
or tough it out, 40 miles of hike can be tough on your hide;
it may take a week, seven full days,
before you finish that shoreline maze.

You can also kayak and canoe,
out on that water, shiny and blue.
It's sure beautiful, so what do you say,
are you able to spend more than a day?
The Gargantua River spills into the lake-click

A foggy day at Fentol Lake-click

Sunset on Agawa Bay-click

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Michipicoten Island Provincial Park...

Seen from shore in the fog-click

An Island beach
 ...out in Lake Superior, this nice island stands,
17 miles long, 6 miles wide, out of human hands;
inhabited by beavers, caribou and some birds too,
the Island sits but it will welcome you.

It is reachable by kayak, or some larger boat,
it's a little far to swim, or even try to float;
there is quite a bit to see, it'll make your trip worthwhile,
of just use binoculars, even that may make you smile.


The wreck of the Billy Blake, lies on the Island

Sunset on Michipicoten Island-click

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pukaskwa National Park....

Cascade River Falls-click
...Ontario, this is our second visit here, so the machine here says,
but Ol' Tecachapi didn't remember, so let's see what it has;
it has an old history with the Pukaskwa Pits,
small cobble beach "wells", of which people know little, but the story fits.

About 3000 years ago when these pits were made,
maybe as hunting blinds, or storage in the shade;
each are lined with cobbles, very carefully placed,
but, of course, now the builders really can't be traced.
Hattie's Bay, the campsite here is the only one accessible by car.
A small beach, looks kind of cold-click
Along the shore-click

Friday, April 22, 2011

Steel River Provincial Park....

A beautiful time of year
...shaped like a wishbone, a back country place,
where you can paddle like you were in a race;
or kayak down a waterfall, if you felt the need,
or maybe just cruise the lake, if safety's what you heed.

Birthplace grounds for the Great Blue Heron, that's a noble cause,
the trees must be "littered" with the nest, camera-shoot-pause;
or maybe you could explore the swamps, there are islands too,
if you're an outdoor person, this may be the place for you.
White water, loud and fast
Jump right in!
There were very few photos available for this Park, my guess is that it doesn't suffer from overuse.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thunder Bay....

Downtown Thunder Bay
...the City is a Lakehead, that's the name I recall,
because it's at the end of St. Lawrence Seaway and all,
it's a shipping port for all the Canadian wheat,
and as a research center, it simply can't be beat.

It's an education and medical center now too,
so I guess if you got sick, they'd take good care of you.
I think it would be nice to visit, in person if you must,
but it's all printed words, who do you trust?
A Keweenawan Rift, a geological feature.-click
Kakabeka Falls, nice walkway too!
The Buttress, another rift, Lake Superior is in a "rift valley"-click

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quetico Provincial Park....

Sarah Lake-click
...Ontario, this is an area of wilderness, camping with a canoe,
there are a few areas open to vehicle traffic, that's it, a few;
but you are welcome to hike the trails in the park,
and bring your own tent to sleep in while it's dark.

Beautiful scenery surrounds the whole place,
so take your sweet time, there's no need to race.
Go get your canoe or kayak, your choice,
and while you paddle sing with your voice.
Quetico and US Voyageurs National Park meet here-click
Falls at the outlet of a lake-click
Northern end of the Falls Chain-click