Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here we are... Junction City, first capitol of the state,
there are so many things here, it's just great.
There is the house, that had as it's host;
George Armstrong Custer - who is now a ghost.

There is the museum of the First Infantry,
proudly standing there, for all to see,
it's at Fort Riley, such a massive base,
these are the soldiers our enemies must face.

There are some lakes nearby for fishing,
probably you could find a well, and do some wishing,
it's important that we see, this part of this great...
country called the USA, this is just one state.

to the north...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


...sunflower state of Kansas can be proud,
that five settlers picked Marion from the crowd;
it has become a fine small town, proud of it's past,
the founding is celebrated every year, first to last.

Those five families came in covered wagons too,
directed by surveyors from the railroad crew,
it was just before the Civil War that they came,
they are the ones who lent Marion the name.

The first homestead was filed by Frank Griffith,
in August of 1860, the day he picked was the eighth.
He built a shanty where the Santa Fe passed through,
and from that this fine town grew.

Next: on the road

Monday, September 28, 2009


...state song of Kansas is Home on the Range,
it fits right in here, it does not seem strange;
here in El Dorado, oilmen share the pot;
it's a big refinery, and it makes a lot.

Biggest in the mountain west, here on the edge,
of the famous Flint Hills, but I don't see no ledge;
and I did see a buffalo and an antelope,
try as I could, could not get it in my scope.

This is a small town, with a big city attitude,
all the folks are really nice, no one is rude.
Lot's of food and company, and a place to stay,
got it made in Kansas, but I'll be on my way.

US 77 North

Sunday, September 27, 2009

No chicken...

...for you! Should read the sign,
for Douglass Kansas, and it won't be benign,
because the founder Joe Douglass died;
shot by a chicken thief who never cried.

I think Jeff finally met a fellow ghost,
in Joe Douglass, who may be a new host;
I don't think it would be too much trouble,
if Jeff went to stay in the Joe Douglass bubble.

The City was founded in 1868, and still survives,
on a trail out of Texas for the cattle drives;
'course there ain't no cows bein' driven no more,
which kind of make Joe Douglass sore!

Route 77 keep on goin'

Saturday, September 26, 2009


...we arrive in a new State and city,
Arkansas City Kansas sits pretty,
as the gem of south central part,
of Kansas, it was the start..

Let's talk about how the name is said,
it's not like "that other state",
say are-kansas, yes that's the way,
it is said with the last "s", so it's easy to say.

Now to Ol' Larrys drinking in 1959,
he had his first "blackout", and I had mine,
he met the local guys at the bar,
and then proceeded to go too far.

There were other things about this place,
while Ol' Larry fell from grace;
he first heard the music that gives you chills,
the wonderful sounds of Bob Wills.

This city has good jobs, at the flour mill,
Gold Seal flour, made for you to grill,
or how about some Crayola stuff,
in that plants there quite enough;

and there's parts for airplanes too,
and parts for mobile homes for you,
there's quite enough to go around,
on this famous and good ground.

Liz Taylors parents are but two,
who came from this town to do,
things that made them better known,
then those of us, who are alone.

So even if there's sadness, there are no regrets,
it was so long ago, but nobody really forgets,
this place of mixed emotions, in this current visit,
not so much as to ask, it's not too bad, is it?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ponca City...

…named for the Ponca tribe,
Makes you wonder why the indian cried;
Standing Bear led his people back to their lands,
They were turned back to where the statue now stands.

Standing Bear took the US to court, it all the way to the top;
And the Supreme Court of the country ruled that "some" things must stop,
And recognized native people have rights, Standing Bear proved that anyone can.
He did the tribe proud, and made a great contribution, he was a great man.

Here also is a statue the salutes the Pioneer Woman, strong, proud,
She has become the woman of today, doctor, lawyer, in control of a crowd,
Women have pioneer in this land, starting farms and stores in the place,
And women today continue the trend, their even living in outer space.

So, you can see that even small cities or towns, have much to see,
All over the country from east to west, no other place that I'd rather be;
We can all be proud that we live in a place, where for pleasure or fun,
You can start rich or poor and live to become, on of the greatest in the long run.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


......Oklahoma, home of Oklahoma State,
it's not a big city, nothing special, just great.
I saw this ol' tractor at the Farm Museum,
don't look like it was fun to work, more fun to see 'em.

Jeff's acting up, and I don't like being the host,
of an ill mannered, sometime foul mouthed ghost.
I guess there ain't nothin' that I can do,
to get rid of that free loadin' fool.

Oh, well that's just dreaming of something better,
and as for myself, never been much of a go-getter;
so on that note I guess we'll be leavin',
Ponca City's ahead, and lots of day dreamin'.

On, northwest course...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I can't say....

.....I'm proud to be an Okie from Muskogee;
But I'm proud to be a cowboy for mojave!
Here we are today in the central meeting place,
Of the five civilized tribes, of the native race.

There museum is here, for all to see,
How they in this place they came to be,
Learn of all their hundred fears,
As they were marched on the Trail of Tears.

This is the area that became there home,
Until, again, they were forced to roam;
On reservations, now they linger,
And on who, should we point the finger.

So in this city there is history galore,
And places where you can explore;
But, please, pause and give some thought,
In this place, what hath god wrought?

Movin' on

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Pineywoods cattle at Kerr Center is the draw,
Where one can stand in awe,
At these wonderful old cows or an older breed,
Brought by the Spaniards in the 1400's for their need.

In the Oklahoma town of Poteau near Arkansas,
These are among the the things I saw;
A wonderful small town place, known but to a few,
And now we know about it, me and you!

Now we'll be heading north and west, on to Tulsa,
The oil mans digs Divine, home of chips and salsa.
That's what we're looking for, well me not Jeff,
Ghosts don't eat much you know, so it's just me myself.
Ain't them some fancy critters, they got 'round here,
and you better watch out for them horns, see 'em there.
These cows was brought here by the Choctaw from down south;
now endangered this place won't make you down in the mouth.

Monday, September 21, 2009

McAlester... in Choctaw Nation land, where it's always been,
it's a very busy town, where people come and go,
and it's the name that was written once again;
first in Grapes of Wrath it was in there long ago.

And the founder of this town McAlester by name,
was the basis of the character in the film True Grit,
he was played by the great John Wayne,
and the movie was a hit.

It is the home of a prison, a famous one at that,
and it's the place where coal is mined and shipped;
and it's the home of many things, maybe even a cat,
but you can be sure of this: there are stores where you won't be gypped.

a little more east tomorrow

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I know...

...I said we were going north to say the least,
but I mis-spoke because instead we are going east;
today we made a simple stop in another nice town,
Shawnee Oklahoma wears the Pottawatomie crown.

You see, way back in time before there were gas stations,
it was Indian Territory, except for the few nations;
and Pottawatomie Nation people ruled this part,
and that's how Shawnee got it's start.

I know that's quite confusing, just to make it known,
but now Shawnee is Oklahomas Pottawatomie home!
I'll be leaving here tomorrow, still headed to the east,
we're off to see Pineywoods cattle, oh, my what a beast.

Yee Haw

Saturday, September 19, 2009


...everybody loves a cowboy, or so it would seem,
in Oklahoma City it's a cowboys dream;
here's the worlds largest exhibit of cowboy stuff,
in this museum, as if it's not enough.

There are oil wells under the state capitol, has been since days of old;
because the city sits on a very large patch of black gold.
And of course the baseball park, is something you must see,
over in the brick yards, it's done to a high degree.

There's a suburb called The Village where there was said to be,
a baseball team, some time ago, with a name that fit to a tee;
they were the Village Idiots, isn't that a scream?
I'd love to have one of the hats, it would be this cowboys dream.

headed north

Friday, September 18, 2009


...we're in Norman, home of the University of Oklahoma, it's great;
just a few mile shy of Oklahoma City, Capitol of the state,
It's the birthplace of James Garner and lots of others too.
There's a sign out there that says "we welcome you."

Ol’ Larry was in Norman for a short school
Aviation fundamentals is was so cool
He learned about math from fractions to algebra
Catalogs, parts books and all et cetera,

It still kind of like boot camp at least in part
Marching to classes, not falling apart.
There was duty to stand every third night,
He worked at the roller rink, that was all right

And one time he was treated to a live band
Bill Haley and the Comets, boy it was grand
That wouldn’t happen for another long time
That’s how he spent Spring, nineteen fifty-nine

On north!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

On the...

...banks of the Washita River with much comment,
stands the well known Confederate Monument,
founded in the old Indian Territory,
is the salute to a soldiers glory.

We are in the town of Wynneford, named by railroad men,
just like Ardmore and Paoli, the Pennsylvania guys would pen,
the names to them familiar as they built across the west;
some say this is the town that they liked the best.

Fertile farmland brought them in to settle,
after the Civil War tested every ones mettle;
this town is in the heart of Little Dixie, in this part;
of Southeast Oklahoma, post Civil War men got their start.

This is a very nice town with trees and brick,
but the time will come, and we will leave it.
It's a pleasant place, with gentle people,
and a church, of course, with a inspiring steeple.

On northward.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well, here....

...we are in Oklahoma, Ardmore is the town,
and just like most of us, they have their up and down;
this city used to rule, cotton here was plenty,
and then the soil was depleted, and there wasn't any.

That's when the oil came in, gushers, wells and extra men,
the oil fields of the region keep pumping, who know when...
that will be deplete too. This upstart place with a borrowed name,
from Ardmore, Pennsylvania, how did it start, who came?

When it was Indian Territory, it was the capitol,
of the Chickasaw Region, it had one street, that's all;
then came statehood and the railroad men,
you know, all that happened way back when.

Well tomorrow we'll be headed north again,
hope there's no dust storms, lifted by the wind;
looking for more adventure, baited by the road,
boy, we've got some fun ahead, the mother lode.

Giddy up!

Monday, September 14, 2009

On September 15th

I want to take time to reflect,
on things I've come to respect;
I've been a lot of places and seen,
the outcome of our peoples dream.

Through cities and small towns I came,
to explore and learn and done some of the same;
a wonderful place where we live and we care,
and those American dreams that we share.

I've traveled along super highways,
and dusty old roads and byways;
there are things that I've seen and been pleased,
like shiny blue water and very tall trees.

I came from a desert out west,
and put my old Ford to the test;
we seen farms and ranches with big fancy gates,
and with tears in our eyes, people living in crates.

The strong and the mighty, poor and rich,
bankers, lawyers, store clerks all which;
form the fabric of the great land,
and are willing to work hand in hand.

A county of charitable giving,
for causes of dying and for the living;
for cures of cancer and people in pain,
and groups like the Autism Society of Maine.

Together we form the worlds best,
and we all live life with a zest;
we strong, sturdy and proud,
we sing the praises out loud.

There are mechanics and bakers,
teachers and blueberry rakers;
we live in the south, east, west and north,
and celebrate it on July the fourth.

Thank our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines,
by them we can have safety in our dreams.
Let them know that you care,
and remember them, when you say your prayer.

All of us live in many different places,
people of all creeds and races;
together we'll sing and we'll stand,
all of us in this great land!

Posted 09-15-09


holds the scales of justice,
He will measure praise and blame;
and the South will stand the verdict,
and will stand it without shame.

These words, and more, are on a monument,
to soldiers of the Civil War, and I took a moment,
to remember them all, and to wonder what it took,
to fight against each other, I get my answers in a book.

We are in Gainesville Texas the last town before the line,
before we cross the Red River to Oklahoma, Divine.
We're on the great highway US Route seventy-seven,
straight up though the middle of the Cherokee heaven.

It's a night to get some rest, and get the old Ford ready,
because when we cross the line, we'll be going steady;
up that highway, with adventure in our head,
we'll travel to see what lies ahead.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We made... Dallas finally, and after all that,
the old Ford needs a rest, I guess I need a new hat.
But, before we get too carried away;
we should take a listen to what ol' Larry has to say.

I think it was in the spring of 1968,
we had been to Alabama, to pick up a plane, late;
just out of overhaul the plane had lots of perk,
then out came ol' Larry, the careless jerk.

Part of his job, you see, was adding fuel and oil,
up on the wing he was, boy the sun made him boil.
The oil was not pre-heated the way it was up north;
just put in the hose, pull the trigger, oil comes forth.

Larry said the oil was slick,
that's what caused his stupid trick.
The ring came off his finger, and..
..the stuff then hit the fan.

Into this brand new engine went,
the ring in all it's glory, sent..
..the ring went to bits was cut,
and the "engine contaminated" light, lit up.

They made it to New Mexico, before they had to land,
and make an engine change, can you guess it was caused by band.
And with new engine now in place,
back to good old Alameda, they did race.

The moral of the story, this you're gonna love,
is to obey the rules, ol' Larry should of had a glove.
When adding fuel and oil, Larry had been told,
wear the gloves! Larry! Even when it's not cold!

So on we'll go from Dallas, we'll be going north,
probably we'll visit Oklahoma, and so forth.
We are going to travel on US seven seven,
all the way to Nebraska, it's going to be pure heaven.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


...that's the word of the day,
Peaches is what they grow, down this way,
Weatherford Texas is the town,
we pulled in just before sundown.

Jeff, I ain't mentioned him much,
related as to how he loved peaches and such;
so we pulled in, to get off the road,
picked a few peaches, they're quite a load.

'Nother thing they got going here,
is cowboy stuff, hats and all that gear;
this is West Texas after all,
that's what they do here, and have a ball.

But tomorrow we'll be headed east,
follow the mission, conquer to beast;
we'll get the Dallas and Fort Worth,
I don't like big cities, it's a nature of birth.

But we'll be goin' it's ol Larrys wish,
Jeff an me is wonderin' what he's gonna dish;
says he has some story that ought to be told,
well I hope he gets over it, this stuff gettin' old!

Peach Ice Cream!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I saw miles...

.....and miles of Texas, not just another song,
this becomes descriptive, as we roll along;
the old Ford must be getting used to the road,
but then, of course, she ain't got a heavy load.

We are in Baird, Texas today,
and there is plenty to see along the way,
this is the antique capital of Texas now,
but it used to be on the trail of the cow.

That's how this town started, way back when,
the cattle were being driven, by the real cowboy men,
it's a place rich in history, which is the reason given,
why the made this place the antique name, because of cows driven.

We are getting close now to Dallas,
and a story 'bout ol' Larry being careless,
so just stay tuned, you know the song,
this road we travel is pretty long.

Giddy up!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The wind... capitol of the world,
quite a claim for an old girl;
but it's true, what they claim,
in this place with little rain.

Sweetwater, Texas is about,
halfway 'tween west and east, it has clout.
Maybe a thousand windmills or more,
live the earths living floor.

And there's one more thing,
that gives it a true Texas ring;
the world largest, are you ready,
rattlesnake roundup, it's been done already.

Good golly gee, I'm some happy it weren't my sentence,
down there lookin' for them ol' serpents;
I saw the photos and that was enough;
of that dad blasted foolish and dangerous stuff!

Headed east!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pardon me stranger...

...I hope there's no danger,
you think I'm gettin' off of my range,
but I guesstimate that you're from my state,
although that may sound strange;
I allow as how you're from Texas,
you talk a lingo I understand,
I'd bet my tail you're from Texas,
there's no mistakin' the brand;
you've got a smile like an angel in sunflowers,
and your eyes are blue bonnet blue,
shake hands if friend you're from Texas,
'cause I'm from Texas too!

Nice words by Cindy Walker, this was a song Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys made popular.

Couldn't resist!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Got time to makeup?

Howdy! Well I missed yesterday,
it wasn't that I had nothing to say;
but it something I ate, or at any rate,
under the weather describes my fate.

Well today I'm in Big Springs, Texas of course;
where else would I be without no hoss?
There is a spring here, that's how come the name,
and it's big of course, Texas is the same.

They got a prison, VA Hospital or a State Mental Place,
I'm sure at one of them would welcome me to their place,
but don't think I'm wanted by any of those,
so I think I'll find another place to hang my clothes.

Tomorrow I'm going to keep goin' east,
Dallas is up there someplace at least;
I want to get there, but guess there's no rush,
besides I like it out here in the brush.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Davey, Davey...

....Crockett, king of the wild frontier;
when ol' Larry and I were growin' up, on thing was clear,
Davey Crockett was the man! Now here we are,
in Crockett County Texas, big by far.

In the counties only town of Ozona, still there owing,
to not too many people but ranches and oil keep her going.
It's pretty harsh country, but back where we're from,
it looks pretty nice, some trees, oil wells, and then some.

We are almost halfway accross Texas,
goodness what kind of lonesome place this is;
but I reckon that'll change when we get to Midland,
maybe tomorrow, we'll be out of this sand.

But we're hangin' on, and doin' all right,
pitch a tent here, the ground's for tonight.
Up in the morning, trip to a cafe;
now we are ready to face a new day!

Yee Haw

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cowboys and soldiers

I am in Fort Stockton Texas tonight,
waiting for dawns early light;
in Texas it seems,
or in my dreams;
Cowboys and soldiers exist side by side,
they are real and show great pride;
in the past and the present,
nothing is absent.
Everything you need is here,
except it's hot, and they don't sell no beer.
Buts that is all right,
we'll just sleep tonight.
Fort Stockton has a real fort,
home the the 9th Cavalry, import;
they were black men, you know,
the Soldiers, known as buffalo.
The fort is now a historical site,
there plenty of history here all right.
Soldiers who live in here served;
three countries in all, they deserved,
A break now and then, to catch up on rest,
they served us all, they did their best.
Now those soldiers are all dead and gone;
but their service lives on and on

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Out in....

....the far west of Texas you come upon, in a certain order,
El Paso on the Rio Grande del Norte that makes the border,
with our neighbor to the south, Mexico, to go around;
just walk across the footbridge and it's found.

Ol' Larry was here once, he crossed the bridge once too,
he wasn't here very long, just a night or two.
His aircrew came to load some Army cargo,
then El Paso and Texas disappeared, off they go.

El Paso it a big place, too big for us and we're ready,
to leave this city and the bridge so steady,
headed east this time, at last;
and we probably won't go too fast.

So, adios, to west Texas laying in the sun,
it's been a trip of memory, and it's been quite fun,
these travels seem to make photos in the mind,
and dreams of places yet unseen, they will come in time.

There's still lots to see, you'll be glad to came,
along for the ride, and that you played the game.
You know, down here in Texas, there's a saying going 'round,
'bout Bob Wills and music, ahh! Dreams that won't be found.

Going east..

Out in the West Texas.... of Sierra Blanco,
it means White Mountain, if you want to know;
We're getting closer to the border,
but the dang road just takes things in order.

Well, there ain't much here in Hudspeth County,
but what it lacks is made up in the scenery.
The County Courthouse is very old,
it's been restored though now I've been told.

It's the largest working adobe courthouse in Texas,
and I guess that going some, if you want my guesses;
most everything in Texas seem to be big,
I mean, you ought to see the hair on Jeffs new wig.

We're sleepin' in the car - again!
You would think that's all theres ever been,
but I can't complain, it ain't every night;
although a good motel would make it right.

Tomorrow: El Paso

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yee Haw...

....round 'em up cowboy! Think that's how it goes,
you see, tonight we are in the Texas town of Pecos;
this is one fine place, and I've seen quite a few,
but Pecos is special for the finest cantaloupe ever grew.

This ol' town, which was started by the railroad,
used to be famous for saloons that lined the main road.
Then next came the Army Air Force, it was World War Two,
some people that were trained here were the best that ever flew.

The war was finally over, and the oil men came along,
you know, back then you could buy land for a song.
Then came the '80's, and the oil bust ended that;
so they started farming cantaloupe and that was that!

Headed to El Paso

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


...I wish there was clear thinking,
'stead of goin' through life without thinking;
I've made a terrible mistake, a blunder of huge size,
I coulda gone from Post to Turkey, surprise-surprise.

Turkey, Texas is where Bob Wills comes from,
it's almost like goin' to Mecca I reckon;
such a great man and there ain't many that gave pure joy,
that made music like him the greatest Texas Playboy.

But I gotta get on with the trip, so it's on South I go;
headed for the town of El Paso on the border with old Mexico,
tonight we'll stop in Odessa, deep in the heart of oil,
they got so much there, they don't even care how hard the rest of us toil.

Odessa is out in the middle of no where, or was;
'til the Texas and Pacific needed a pause,
but when the railroad was almost dead;
somebody found oil instead.

Anyhow Jeff thinks it's a nice place,
'course he don't think of the disgrace,
of havin' to sleep in the car,
so I can practice my Texas guitar!

Roll on tomorrow