Thursday, September 17, 2009

On the...

...banks of the Washita River with much comment,
stands the well known Confederate Monument,
founded in the old Indian Territory,
is the salute to a soldiers glory.

We are in the town of Wynneford, named by railroad men,
just like Ardmore and Paoli, the Pennsylvania guys would pen,
the names to them familiar as they built across the west;
some say this is the town that they liked the best.

Fertile farmland brought them in to settle,
after the Civil War tested every ones mettle;
this town is in the heart of Little Dixie, in this part;
of Southeast Oklahoma, post Civil War men got their start.

This is a very nice town with trees and brick,
but the time will come, and we will leave it.
It's a pleasant place, with gentle people,
and a church, of course, with a inspiring steeple.

On northward.

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