Sunday, September 13, 2009

We made... Dallas finally, and after all that,
the old Ford needs a rest, I guess I need a new hat.
But, before we get too carried away;
we should take a listen to what ol' Larry has to say.

I think it was in the spring of 1968,
we had been to Alabama, to pick up a plane, late;
just out of overhaul the plane had lots of perk,
then out came ol' Larry, the careless jerk.

Part of his job, you see, was adding fuel and oil,
up on the wing he was, boy the sun made him boil.
The oil was not pre-heated the way it was up north;
just put in the hose, pull the trigger, oil comes forth.

Larry said the oil was slick,
that's what caused his stupid trick.
The ring came off his finger, and..
..the stuff then hit the fan.

Into this brand new engine went,
the ring in all it's glory, sent..
..the ring went to bits was cut,
and the "engine contaminated" light, lit up.

They made it to New Mexico, before they had to land,
and make an engine change, can you guess it was caused by band.
And with new engine now in place,
back to good old Alameda, they did race.

The moral of the story, this you're gonna love,
is to obey the rules, ol' Larry should of had a glove.
When adding fuel and oil, Larry had been told,
wear the gloves! Larry! Even when it's not cold!

So on we'll go from Dallas, we'll be going north,
probably we'll visit Oklahoma, and so forth.
We are going to travel on US seven seven,
all the way to Nebraska, it's going to be pure heaven.

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