Tuesday, September 1, 2009


...I wish there was clear thinking,
'stead of goin' through life without thinking;
I've made a terrible mistake, a blunder of huge size,
I coulda gone from Post to Turkey, surprise-surprise.

Turkey, Texas is where Bob Wills comes from,
it's almost like goin' to Mecca I reckon;
such a great man and there ain't many that gave pure joy,
that made music like him the greatest Texas Playboy.

But I gotta get on with the trip, so it's on South I go;
headed for the town of El Paso on the border with old Mexico,
tonight we'll stop in Odessa, deep in the heart of oil,
they got so much there, they don't even care how hard the rest of us toil.

Odessa is out in the middle of no where, or was;
'til the Texas and Pacific needed a pause,
but when the railroad was almost dead;
somebody found oil instead.

Anyhow Jeff thinks it's a nice place,
'course he don't think of the disgrace,
of havin' to sleep in the car,
so I can practice my Texas guitar!

Roll on tomorrow

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