Monday, August 31, 2009

There has....

...been a change in plans,
I ain't goin' to Dallas yet,
so I'm on my way to El Paso,
way down on the border with Mexico.

But today I'm in the town of Post,
the seat of Garza County at most,
it had a beginning of dreams,
Mr. Post had imagination it seems.

He plans to develop a place,
Utopian live a slow pace,
but that never happenedd but something else did,
let's not keep the history hid.

He's the man who came from New York,
cattle ranching became his big squawk,
he had acres and acres of land, that's how,
the little ol' Llano Ranch had the wests most famous cow.

But C W Post wasn't done,
he came up with Grape Nuts and won,
prizes for his inventions,
none of which involved any weapons.

He was famous and rich and shined,
and the town bears his name at this time,
It's quite a story I found,
Wikipedia won this round.

Next stop? Midland.

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