Monday, November 30, 2009

Port Orford….

….Oregon, another wonderful place with so much,
there are beaches, rivers, more fishing and such;
but it's really a place where you can relax and rest,
for that Port Orford is one of the best.

We are enjoying this part of the world,
making memories for us, to be later unfurled;
such are the sights, sounds, and smell of the sea,
of course, I'm grateful to have Abby with me.

Top: Battle Rock
Middle: Port Orford Heads
Bottom: A beautiful sunset seen from Port Orford

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gold Beach….

….. Oregon, where the Rogue River meets the sea,
this is just the kind of place, where we would choose to be,
the scenery is beautiful, the waters in a race,
I don't know if there would be a time to find a better place.

On the 'gold coast' of southern Oregon, perched on green hills,
Abby says that this place is where the river spills,
it's so nice to spend some time here, I wish we had a kite,
the only disappointment is….the fish will not bite!

Top: Rogue River - final bridge
Middle: Beach at Gold Beach
Bottom: From the hilltop

Friday, November 27, 2009


….Oregon, two cities side by side,
both of them keep an eye on the tide,
spectacular scenery, kite flying too;
everyone like these places, including you.

What a trip this has turned out to be,
there really are a million places to see,
I guess that we better get going soon,
but, I wonder what this looks like with a full moon.

Top:  One of the beaches, Harbor Oregon
Bottom: Pelican Bay Light, Harbor Oregon (looks windy)


…..California, at the mouth of the Klamath River,
a tiny town in the Yurok Indian Reservation, can deliver;
all of the beauty of forest and sea,
it's really a place we wanted to be.

Redwood forests come right down to the sea,
two national parks here just for you to see,
Redwoods NP, and del Norte NP, large forests of trees,
the beauty will bring you right to your knees.

Oregon tomorrow.

Top:  Photos in del Norte County
Middle: Klamath River reaches the sea in Klamath
Bottom: Mount Shasta as seen from Klamath (on a clear day)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


….California, just north of Eureka, is the one,
Humboldt County's said and done;
excels in beauty and good cheer,
we are pleased that we stopped here.

Right on Humboldt Bay and picture perfect,
makes a look around really worth it;
so much to see, so much do,
and, of course, we report to you.

Tomorrow we may reach Oregon, or maybe not,
the rushing type of people, we are not,
but this trip has been so nice, and peaceful too,
we almost feel as though we should have invited you.

Top: Harbor Seals vist.
Bottom: Moonstone Beach

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mendocino/Fort Bragg….

…California, Part Two. Abby loves it so much, she wanted to stay,
She didn't have to ask too long, we'll stay another day;
It's not like we have to get started, and be in a big rush,
Heck, if we had wanted to do that, we'd have taken the bus!

So much here to look at, what a wonderful sight,
Everywhere you choose to look, either left or right.
From the mountains to the sea, forest to field,
Natures bounty wasn't wasted here, it got it's full yield!

Top:  Redwood forest
Middle: Cottage at Mendocino ocean front
Bottom: Lighthouse at Point Carbillo

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mendocino and Fort Bragg….

….California. Two of the most picture perfect places,
probably in the world; there is nothing more that embraces…
…the eye; to be sure, there are shorelines and redwood trees,
and glass beaches and hills come alive, and probably bees.

So much to see and so little time, oh what a rush we are in,
something here to keep on your mind, to come back to again.
The big drive thru tree is here in the county, Ol' Larry went through there on one of his rides,
he had an old Hillman Minx, it was small, there was room left over both sides.

Top:  Mendocino coast
Middle: Town of Mendocino
Bottom: Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, CA

Monday, November 23, 2009


……California, is a small city, a place that’s shows good cheer,
but it got a small town feel, a comfortable place here,
Ol' Larry ended up here before in Alameda he was due,
that old boy had hitchhiked all the way from Kansas too.

There isn't a whole lot to do, that would be my guess,
but ain't that something we all want, to relieve our stress?
If you just want to hang around for a couple of days,
why not try Ukiah, the town of stress free ways?

Top:  Ukiah area from the air
Bottom: The Russian Rivers head is in Ukiah

Sunday, November 22, 2009


….California, right on the Russian River,
a nice pretty town, not a taker but a giver;
crops grow here almost year 'round,
best prices you'll find for prunes by the pound.

Ol' Larry came here on a Saturday night,
woke up on Tuesday, didn't put up a fight;
not going into details but it was a fright,
if you want more info, you'll have to write.

Don't go to Healdsburg looking for trouble,
there are times it can be found on the double;
take a fair warning and don't take a chance,
you could end up at the Hells Angel's ranch!
(I don't honestly know if it's there anymore)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ol' Larry just won't shut up, the old geezer either can't or won't stop!

When I left Japan, it was one quick flight home,
A KC135 with nine passenger seats, cold to the bone,
I reported to the USS Hornet now at Alameda too,
That's where I got the extra time represented there, hey you!

Are you keeping up with all this stuff?
All anyone needs to do - is simply say enough!
But one year on the Hornet and a WestPac cruise too,
Brought me right back, you know where, don't you?

This time it was DVR-21 which was re-commissioned as VR-30,
I had to leave the Hornet the day she left for Australia, boo!
And no leave either they needed me in a hurry, still don't know why,
Anyway while there, I did get the chance to fly.

They called it Flight Crew Load Supervisor, it was a lot of work,
But I guess the extra pay made it worth it, it was a perk,
So I think if we add this up, 4 and 1 are 5, add the other 5 is ten,
So a little more then half, spent here in Alameda, that's where I've been.

Top: USS Hornet CVS12
Middle: C131F of VR-30
Bottom: What the hanger looks like now

Friday, November 20, 2009


….California, Naval Air Station. Ol' Larry's still talking.

There are so many memories of that place and time,
shared by some others, who are still friends of mine;
Gene and Dot, Glen, Smitty and John: Are still showing signs,
these among others after fifty years remember the times.

The whole place is deserted now, and it seems so odd,
how could this place of memories go beneath the sod?
It will never be reclaimed and returned the way it was;
it's like we just clicked our heels, and left the land of Oz.

I left the Naval Air Station in nineteen sixty-three,
went to Japan and spent two years at the NSD. (Naval Supply Depot)
And we all went our separate ways, only I would return,
but you can't erase the memories - that in your brain still burn.

Tomorrow: The return

Top: The barracks - present
Bottom: (?)Supply or some other-present

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Ol' Larry is writing today.

…California, Naval Air Station was my home, twice,
all of my memories, almost, of the place are nice.
I could just write this entire blog about this one place,
of course, now, it has a much different face.

I first arrived in fifty-nine, first duty right out of school,
for four years I worked there in Supply, oh we were cool!
There are so many memories of this work place,
just thinking about it, starts my mind to race.

One single sailor could not have asked more,
then to serve his duty on this Pacific shore;
there were times when we worked hard, and times when we played,
that's all for now, but you will see how I stayed. (sort of)

Continued tomorrow: Larry spent about half of his Navy career, by things
that are represented on the base.

In the distance: San Francisco on the left, Yerba Buaena Island/Treasure Island on the near right

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


….California, salad bowl of the world,
rows upon rows of veggies lay curled,
ready for picking or maybe just planted;
all due for market, packed not slanted.

Eighty percent of the lettuce consumed,
once grew here in the most fertile loam,
P\picked be farm workers, most who speak Spanish,
Quick, eat it all up, go on, make it vanish.

Home of the John Steinbeck museum,
his home town here also, you can see them,
a mild climate and beautiful city,
here in "veggie valley" so pretty.

Mystry destination

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pismo Beach.....

….California, home of the famous clams and such,
a good place to stop and walk on the beach if you don't want to do much;
a right pretty place on the face of this earth,
watchin' the waves give the ocean new birth.

Ol' Larry used to come here back in '59,
hitchhiked down from Alameda, bought coffee for a dime;
when prices went way up, more than they oughta,
raised the damn price of coffee up to a quarter.

Well, the old guy, way back then, didn't have a lot to spend,
he got paid 'bout thirty-seven dollars for two weeks to the end;
so he didn't come down here as often after that,
but he sure remembers the smell of clam flat.

He still came down here once in a while,
the memory still makes him smile;
he still travels this coast in his dreams,
it's just the legacy of one of his schemes.

North to south, hitchhikes just don't unravel,
after all, he joined the Navy to travel.
he's never given up that traveling ghost,
he's doing it today, right now, as your host.

We're headed up north on state route one,
prettiest road, if ever there was one;
the ocean shore comes right to the edge,
but you have to go down some pretty steep ledge. (see photo).

Take a ride!

Monday, November 16, 2009


…still hangin' around,
I swear that hoss's feets stuck to the ground;
we can't ride the ol' critter anywhere,
I think it's time to hit the road, then we'll be all square.

We are hopin' to get goin' sometime the next day,
all the way to Seattle, if we get our way.
Roscoes got the ol' Ford ready, it'll go to the Pacific shore,
Abby says shes ready, to go off and see some more.

Take 'nother look around this place, but there is no loss,
'cept it'll be another long while before I can ride that hoss.
And the travel will be easy - with Abby to ride along,
we'll get up the coast in no time, simple as a song.

The 'photo' is a label from a seed packing company that is no longer in business.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Tehachapi Loop

The Tehachapi Loop is a .73 miles (1.17 km) long 'spiral', or helix, on the railroad main line through Tehachapi Pass, in south central California. The loop derives its name from the circuitous route it takes, in which the track passes over itself, a design which lessens the angle of the grade. A train more than 4,000 feet (1.2 km) long (about 85 boxcars) will thus pass over itself going around the loop. In 1998 it was named a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

A tremendous amount of goods, mostly from Asia, are in shipping containers or "piggy back" truck trailers and moved east by train, the ships are too large now to use the Panama Canal.

Just look at how many rail cars are on this train, all either containers or piggy backs.
There are about 120 trains a day that use the loop.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Poppies and Blue Bonnets - happens every spring.

…..California! Home at last, home at last!
We was in a hurry and we drove fast!
I am so overjoyed to show Abby our home;
'course we ain't sayin' here, still got more to roam.

We hang around a coupla' days,
workin' my brain out of a haze;
showin' my Abby, oh, Meatloaf and such,
really 'sides him, well, I ain't got too much.

And we'll get Roscoe to go over the car,
kinda' surprised the old Ford got me this far.
And we'll be goin' for a good long ride,
if Meatloaf will giddyup, dadburn his ol' hide.

Tomorrow:  the Tehachapi Loop - a real engineering marvel.

Friday, November 13, 2009


….Arizona, this is Mojave country, and we can hardly wait,
to get back on to that ranch, and open up the gate,
but, or course, we need to stop and catch a little sleep;
we are being called back just like a couple of sheep.

While we're here we look around at familiar sights,
the high desert in all it's glory, ahhh, pure delight,
a few more days and we'll take a break and rest,
and clear out busy minds, and take in all the best.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ash Fork….

….Arizona, Flagstone capital of the world,
a now sleepy little town, but we gave it a whirl;
outside in out tent, motels are not found,
'sides, it's been a couple of days since I slept on the ground.

Built by the railroad, the Atlantic and Pacific, back then,
'course now it's the Santa Fe, since I don't know when;
the flagstones built many buildings in the town,
that's where the nickname came from, it's known world round.

Route Sixty-six goes right through the middle of it,
but, of course, that's historic now, it's just a spot of spit;
interstate Forty now, but it goes right on by,
no time to stop and socialize for those on the fly.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


….Arizona, high up in northern part of the state,
this is the home of something that are really great,
high-country wildflowers in a 200 acre garden plot;
don't tell me they don't offer a lot.

The altitude is well over a mile high,
you can reach right out and touch the sky,
just a short ride for the western entrance of the Grand Canyon,
colored by the gods a long time ago with a multicolored crayon.

We've looked around, it's a really great place,
but we're kinda in a hurry, it's almost a race;
want to get home a few hundred more miles,
when I tell Abby about Tehachapi she smiles.

Westward ho!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuba City….

….Arizona, sure ain't no Sousaphone place,
we didn't see a marching band at any rate;
it's in the Painted Desert, mostly inhabited by Navajo,
it's the largest Navajo town, and a number of Hopi are here also.

There's a whole lot to see here, if you like desert scenery,
we thought things were beautiful, like Abby is to me;
take a look at the photo, it's right up above,
one big dinosaur footprint, don't look like no sign of love.

At one time these huge critters roamed around here free,
you can tell it wasn't recent, there sure ain't no mud to see;
it's just a short hop over to Grand Canyons eastern edge,
which is one of natures largest sightings of colorful ledge.

On westward!

Monday, November 9, 2009


…..Arizona, out here in Navajo land,

we owe them a lot that Navajo band,
they helped us win in World War Two,
they did their best for me and you.

They speak a language that was not understood,
by the enemy, that thought we had a code that just too good,
there are other achivements from where these people roam,
weaving and jewelry along with art to decorate your home.

We'll stay here just overnight, closer to home now,
Abby is eager to see the ranch, wants to know how to milk a cow,
and I miss Meatloaf, a wonderful hoss,
I can't wait to show him that I'm still the boss.

The photo is from nearby Monument Valley NP

Sunday, November 8, 2009


…New Mexico, quiet and nice little town, which makes us glad,
We needed some quiet, alone time together, which now we have had;
Interesting place here in the New Mexico mountains the view,
Of a civilization long gone from the earth, built to last too.

We did some touring of the Nation Monument park,
But we were glad to turn in soon after dark,
On our way back to her new Tehachapi home,
Home for a couple of day rest, before we continue our roam. good place to see the ruins, with a full
Explanation. The ruin in the photo was built in the 1200's!

Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6...

Ignacio Colorado, that was our chosen place,
high up in the mountains, the sun smiled on our face;
I was getting' nervous with all this stuff goin' on,
I just wanted to get married, get this whole thin done.

Abby was the quiet one, happy and in control,
while we waited; hurry up I'm getting' old!
At the Sky Ute Casino, owned by the Southern Ute,
I had a headache, and boy it was a beaut!

The time had finally come, she was to be my wife,
I really had to calm down with this addition to my life,
we said our "I do's" in front of, Wilbur, a judge.
Two simple words - and I forgot my lines! Oh fudge!

Then it was (finally) over, and I had calmed down,
and I had gotten my feet back on the ground;
we stayed the night in this grand hotel,
now it's startin' to sink in! Oh well!

We'll be back on the road tomorrow, November seven,
I'm a happy man tonight, right up in seventh heaven,
how I got so lucky, one can only guess,
but I'm gonna try to be my very best.

This is dedicated to my lovely wife, Linda, on our own wedding
Anniversary, November 6.

Monte Vista….

….Colorado, that's Spanish for Mountain View,
It's seems like a good place to introduce her to you,
She's the prettiest gal I've seen in quite a while,
Abby, just the name alone makes me smile.

I'd talked her into goin' riding along to see what we might see,
Tryin' to work up the nerve, to ask her to go along with me,
Well sir we came to Monte Vista, and got tired along the way,
So I asked her if she minded, if I found a place to stay.

So I found the Blue Star Motel,
There was only one room, oh well;
She said she didn't mind - if I slept on the floor,
Of course I was hoping, for maybe a little more.

She wasn't havin' none of that, but she told me with a smile,
It might just be okay, to lay together for a while;
Well sir we started spoonin' and she was leavin' me behind,
She said if we got hitched, well, she'd wouldn't mind.

So, you see, I got one on my one good knee and pleaded,
Would you marry me Abby? You're just what I always needed.
Well sir, she said that she would be some pleased;
Just as long as I didn't spend my life down there on my knees.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walsenburg, Colorado:

Pete was in the café in Walsenburg,
when she waltzed in, fluttered like a bird;
she had red hair and freckles on her face and arms,
and she looked at Pete and smiled, and exuded charms.

"How'd you like to go and show me around today",
and he was quite anxious, wondering what she'd say;
"I'd be quite pleased to do that, you good lookin' man",
is it really possible - she'd fallen for his plan?

They went out to door together, Pete was mighty proud;
how'd you ever meet a gal like this, he wondered out loud,
she didn't even bat an eye, she liked this handsome guy,
of course she had some friends, who would surely wonder why.

What's your name, Pete asked this new friend, meaning no harm;
he was mighty taken by her looks and her charm,
did he set his hopes up, did he wonder why, he had hopes up to the sky.
It's Abby she said, in an excited voice; it's Abby, Abby with an Y.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Colorado City…..

…..Colorado; is a WOW!
Not always but it is now,
In 1861 Colorado City was the Territory Capitol, for a short time,
The city was a bawdy place and it had quite a shine.

In 1864 a great flood wiped out half of the crops,
One month later millions of grasshoppers finished the tops,
The City had been built on an Indian crossroad,
A boundary between tribes, the streams carried quite a load.

Fancy people from back east wanted no part of the town,
But gold was discovered in Cripple Creek, that wiped away the frown!
The buildings from that time exist in town now,
All spiffed up and ready - they await your wow.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


…….Colorado, is a really great place,
it started in 1934 as an Army Air Force base,
there is still an aviation museum for all to see,
the mighty B24, which made World War Two history.

The Historic Arkansas River walk goes right through town,
when riding on the boats, you won't notice a frown;
the Recreation Area is a 'gift' to the City,
all along the river trail everything is pretty.

All about the city you'll find history and grace,
and on the Arkansas River you can see a race;
or maybe just a nice slow ride, they are provided,
anyone can get in on them, nothing is one sided.

Photos: Left is a photo a night, the cars were in a show, looks like they're related to my old Ford. Right is a photo of one of the boats, people also can rent pedal boats.(not shown)
Looks like the photos will be top and bottom: The actual post comes out different than I write it some times.