Monday, November 16, 2009


…still hangin' around,
I swear that hoss's feets stuck to the ground;
we can't ride the ol' critter anywhere,
I think it's time to hit the road, then we'll be all square.

We are hopin' to get goin' sometime the next day,
all the way to Seattle, if we get our way.
Roscoes got the ol' Ford ready, it'll go to the Pacific shore,
Abby says shes ready, to go off and see some more.

Take 'nother look around this place, but there is no loss,
'cept it'll be another long while before I can ride that hoss.
And the travel will be easy - with Abby to ride along,
we'll get up the coast in no time, simple as a song.

The 'photo' is a label from a seed packing company that is no longer in business.

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