Saturday, November 14, 2009


Poppies and Blue Bonnets - happens every spring.

…..California! Home at last, home at last!
We was in a hurry and we drove fast!
I am so overjoyed to show Abby our home;
'course we ain't sayin' here, still got more to roam.

We hang around a coupla' days,
workin' my brain out of a haze;
showin' my Abby, oh, Meatloaf and such,
really 'sides him, well, I ain't got too much.

And we'll get Roscoe to go over the car,
kinda' surprised the old Ford got me this far.
And we'll be goin' for a good long ride,
if Meatloaf will giddyup, dadburn his ol' hide.

Tomorrow:  the Tehachapi Loop - a real engineering marvel.

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