Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walsenburg, Colorado:

Pete was in the café in Walsenburg,
when she waltzed in, fluttered like a bird;
she had red hair and freckles on her face and arms,
and she looked at Pete and smiled, and exuded charms.

"How'd you like to go and show me around today",
and he was quite anxious, wondering what she'd say;
"I'd be quite pleased to do that, you good lookin' man",
is it really possible - she'd fallen for his plan?

They went out to door together, Pete was mighty proud;
how'd you ever meet a gal like this, he wondered out loud,
she didn't even bat an eye, she liked this handsome guy,
of course she had some friends, who would surely wonder why.

What's your name, Pete asked this new friend, meaning no harm;
he was mighty taken by her looks and her charm,
did he set his hopes up, did he wonder why, he had hopes up to the sky.
It's Abby she said, in an excited voice; it's Abby, Abby with an Y.

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