Sunday, October 31, 2010

Katahdin Iron Works Township....

....Maine, the State's only smelters for twenty years or so,
just ingots moulded in the dirt, they didn't last, it was long ago,
but the land's still here beautiful and great,
we're going to stay two days in this part of the State.

Lots of people come here to hike or climb,
I like to hike but climbing is not a thrill of mine,
it's a good place for a walk, or maybe catch a fish,
in the Pleasant River, I'd go on an invite or a wish.

Top: Rows of brick kilns and tender buildings, the smelters were in another row. c.1850
Middle: All that's left one kiln and one smelter.
Bottom: The Pleasant River runs through the KI near Screw Augur Falls (see tomorrow).

Saturday, October 30, 2010


....Maine, 'A Friendly Town', that's what the sign used to say,
then in an act of arson, that whole downtown block, gone in just a day;
a sad end for most of Milo's downtown,
the sign is back up, but the town wears a frown.

Railroad town in the Derby part,
lumber is important too, from the start;
trading center, fades away to other places,
Milo, though, stands the test of time, there are smiles on new faces.

Top: A frosty Piscataquis River.
Middle: The first KKK march in New England, 1923 - my how times change!
Bottom: A Maine-Montreal-& Atlantic train 'plows' through recent snow. April 2007

A NOTE: We are very close to Tehachapi's final stop! 11/16/10

Friday, October 29, 2010

Old Town...

...Maine, where they make the canoe,
shoes and paper used to be made here too;
the paper mill  now makes some bio-fuel,
and electricity and steam, that is no fool.

It's the home of the Penobscot Nation,
who live on Indian Island, sort of Reservation;
this is a nice "small" town sort of place,
but, big enoung still, to be in the rat race.

Top: Old Town from the air.
Middle: The Old Town-Milford dam, a hydro project for years, it will be removed soon.
Bottom: The "home" of Old Town Canoe, they still make canoes and kayaks, now all fiberglass, no longer make cedar ones.

NOTE:  Isn't it odd that when Ol' Larry is away Tehachapi can't write his own stuff?
 see to see where Ol' Larry has been

Monday, October 25, 2010


...Maine, a really busy place,
it's a wonder anyone could keep pace,
a service center for business and a whole lot more,
a government center too, lot's of stuff, that's for sure.

There seems to be at least one of each,
sort of different thing, service or church to preach,
and there are schools, places of higher education,
so..with more to offer, and less people, Bangor leads the nation.

Top: A view of the Federal Building and that area of town.
Middle: A good view of the Bangor Business District with Kenduskeag Stream running through.
Bottom: Bangor is the "real" home of Paul Bunyan, it was, after all, the "Lumber Capital of the World" for most of the 19th century.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Maine, it's Ol' Larry's favorite city of the few in the state,
and, of course, we know it's towns that make it great.
Ol' Larry worked here for years and years and years,
billing and collected taxes, they were falling from his ears.

It has a good economy, but some businesses have left,
no more tie-rod ends and springs to add to the heft;
but there's the Eastern Manufacturing Facility, right on the river bank,
they will produce modules, for a refinery, building or a tank.

Top:  Modules under construction for an oil refinery, wrapped in plastic and lit for the night crew.
Middle: General Joshua Chamberlain, accepted the surrender of General Lee's Infantry at Appomattox, he also received the Medal of Honor for the battle at Gettysburg.
Bottom: The Salmon Pool, at the bend of the Penobscot River, in the past the first fish caught was presented to the President of the US.  The Atlantic Salmon are now endangered and it's all catch and release.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


...another break day, my brain is not up to snuff.
I'll try again tomorrow, see if I've had enough.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010


...Maine, Capitol of the Pine Tree State,
split by the Kennebec River, the location is great;
Augusta is also a business hub, a very busy place,
and this time of year and all, you know, the election race.

Soon there will be a new man in charge,
the results, yet unknown, may go to an at large,
but the outcome really won't matter, it's still the Capitol after all,
that's not on the ballot, for Capitol - no recall.
Top: The Maine State Capitol building.
Middle: The 'historic' business district - seen from the Kennebec River.
Bottom: That same business district, this is Water Street.  There are two new shopping districts too.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

South Portland....

....Maine, is home to lot's of things,
two lighthouses, ship terminals, and angels that have wings.
This is where it all started, where Tehachapi was born,
and now, some years later Pete still carries on.

This is where Ol' Larry finally met his match,
and Ol' Larry and Ol' Linda's plans, began to hatch;
it's a fitting place, to show all of you;
but for Ol' Larry, it was Tehachapi Pete to do.

Top: Spring Point Ledge Light.
Middle: Bug Light, and a tanker at the Portland Pipeline Terminal.
Bottom: The house on School Street (as it is today).

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


....Maine.  Ship builders for the United States Navy,
many miles of steel put together straight, not wavy;
a most important shipyard, in a most important town,
residents are proud, and are known not to frown.

In a beautiful area, natures bounty excels,
in making pretty scenes in the ocean swells;
mile upon mile of coastline to be seen,
making this area any tourists dream.
Top: Bath Iron Works.
Middle: The New Meadows bay
Bottom: A part of downtown Bath.

Monday, October 18, 2010


...Maine, just off the main road a few miles,
and that may be the cause, of just a few smiles.
This is a peaceful place, on the river banks,
and those who live and visit here, give thanks.

Just up the road from Pemiquid Point a place that you aughta...
know as the Lighthouse that resides on Maine's quarter.
And they have the 'pumpkin boats' that race every fall,
they have a lot of fun up here, and what I've told you isn't all.

Top:  The Town of Damariscotta on the river banks.
Middle: The Damariscotta River.
Bottom:  The 'Pumpkin Boats' are racing, every October.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


....Maine, where the work meets the water, and a whole lot more,
gracious host to a lobster festival - it's world famous at the shore;
light house museum and transportation too,
and the art museum with many paintings to view.

All American Coast Guard City, well earned I must add,
and a Main Street that would make any town glad;
if you're hungry, or just want to shop,
Rockland is a place where you might want to stop.
Top: Rockland Breakwater Light, it's a half mile out on the rock 'pier'.
Middle: Main Street in Rockland is home to a lot of activity.
Bottom: Winter transportation.  This Model T 'Snowmobile' is at the
Owls Head Transportation Museum.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


...Maine, a beauty by the bay, those workhorses come and go nearly every day;
tankers and cargo to Searsport and beyond,
but not too much to Belfast, those days are gone.

From sardines to poultry to potato peels and more,
Belfast at one time were kings of these, always by the shore;
now the tourists come and go, up and down the Main Street slope,
and promises, if kept, point to progress and to hope.

Top: Workhorses by the Bay.
Middle: Bear-ly working - one of the Belfast Bears
Bottom: Sunrise!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Prospect and Verona Island....

...Maine, home to the "new" Penobscot Narrows Bridge,
and the Observatory, that could put you right on edge;
in the west tower, in the USA it's a one of a kind,
and the view is great, please keep that in mind.

Also, at home in Prospect, is the restored Fort Knox,
built to protect the entrance to the river, made of granite blocks;
the granite cut from nearby Frankfort and barged down stream,
and yes, we're still in Maine, not Kentucky as it may seem.*

The river side of Fort Knox, canons were place in the "slots".

An aerial view of Fort Knox.
* The current Fort Knox has a Kentucky address, and Frankfort is the Capitol of Kentucky,
   it's just one of those "things".

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Acadia National Park...

...Maine, from the top of Mount Cadillac, to the stony shore,
this place is one of those, where there is always more;
in the woods and hills or at the beach,
to top it off, it's not hard to reach.

It's on Mount Desert Island, but you won't need a boat,
you drive over a causeway, there's nothing you need to float.
People stay in campgrounds, or in Bar Harbor, Maine,
you can hike and climb, or take a bus, it all turns out the same.

High cliffs and cobble beach's line most of the shore.

Ferns turn color in autumn, they're brown; the color is reflected sunlight
The "Bubbles"-proof that glaciers do strange things-at least when all this was 'carved' twelve thousand years ago.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Schoodic Point...

....Maine, it's a part of Acadia National Park,
but not as many visit this park, they miss this fun lark;
the ocean rolls in, and the ocean rolls out,
sometimes it's so loud, that you have to shout.

The beach's here are cobble, in other words rounded stones,
but the surf is fun to watch, and there are ice cream cones;
up at the former Navy Base (NSG Winter Harbor) the buildings are just fine,
and in summer a sculptors workshop, there are shows, and fine wine.

Top: Tides in.
Middle: The meeting facility at the old NSG Winter Harbor, the sculpture is amazing,
the spirals are balanced just right for the center piece to hold.
Bottom: Night is on the way.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


...needs a day of rest.

Monday, October 11, 2010


...Maine, the name means 'Little Bad Falls' in Passamaquoddy speak,
show up above, if you kayak you may make it over with a squeak;
Washington County seat, and home to the First Naval battle of the War of 1812,
way back into history, you can find thing if you delve.

The University of Maine has a campus here,
students of the environment study birds and deer,
and when it's time for blueberries, the low bush kind,
this area gets to working, except the old and blind.

Top: The Little Bad Falls on the Machias River.
Middle: The Machias Bridge, a footbridge.
Bottom: The Maine Black fly Breeders, had the winning float in the July 4th Parade.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Maine. We're going on a walking tour, and you won't need a cane,
I'm going to take you and show you - one of the best places in Maine;
this is Lubec, as far east as you can get,
but come along with me, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

There's West Quoddy Light, an icon you might say,
located at the place where the USA sees the light of day;
the town is quiet now, but not in days of old,
when the canneries in Maine, were it's 'pot of gold'.

Top: Sunrise
Middle: Lubec in winter.
Bottom: West Quoddy Light, Lubec, Maine

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Edmunds and Dennysville....

....Maine, both located on Cobscook Bay,
the State Park is right there, so what do you say?
The beauty of this area is seldom seen and it's a shame,
especially now, when the leaves are in flame.

Home to the Tide Mill Farm and the Bell family,
sixteen hundred acres, oh, what a place to be;
organic milk, and veggies by the score,
all homegrown and great, from the farm by the shore.

Top: Photo from Cobscook Bay State Park.
Middle: The Bell family, of Tide Mill Farm.
Bottom:  Work goes on amid the scenery.