Sunday, October 24, 2010


Maine, it's Ol' Larry's favorite city of the few in the state,
and, of course, we know it's towns that make it great.
Ol' Larry worked here for years and years and years,
billing and collected taxes, they were falling from his ears.

It has a good economy, but some businesses have left,
no more tie-rod ends and springs to add to the heft;
but there's the Eastern Manufacturing Facility, right on the river bank,
they will produce modules, for a refinery, building or a tank.

Top:  Modules under construction for an oil refinery, wrapped in plastic and lit for the night crew.
Middle: General Joshua Chamberlain, accepted the surrender of General Lee's Infantry at Appomattox, he also received the Medal of Honor for the battle at Gettysburg.
Bottom: The Salmon Pool, at the bend of the Penobscot River, in the past the first fish caught was presented to the President of the US.  The Atlantic Salmon are now endangered and it's all catch and release.

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