Saturday, October 30, 2010


....Maine, 'A Friendly Town', that's what the sign used to say,
then in an act of arson, that whole downtown block, gone in just a day;
a sad end for most of Milo's downtown,
the sign is back up, but the town wears a frown.

Railroad town in the Derby part,
lumber is important too, from the start;
trading center, fades away to other places,
Milo, though, stands the test of time, there are smiles on new faces.

Top: A frosty Piscataquis River.
Middle: The first KKK march in New England, 1923 - my how times change!
Bottom: A Maine-Montreal-& Atlantic train 'plows' through recent snow. April 2007

A NOTE: We are very close to Tehachapi's final stop! 11/16/10

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