Friday, October 15, 2010

Prospect and Verona Island....

...Maine, home to the "new" Penobscot Narrows Bridge,
and the Observatory, that could put you right on edge;
in the west tower, in the USA it's a one of a kind,
and the view is great, please keep that in mind.

Also, at home in Prospect, is the restored Fort Knox,
built to protect the entrance to the river, made of granite blocks;
the granite cut from nearby Frankfort and barged down stream,
and yes, we're still in Maine, not Kentucky as it may seem.*

The river side of Fort Knox, canons were place in the "slots".

An aerial view of Fort Knox.
* The current Fort Knox has a Kentucky address, and Frankfort is the Capitol of Kentucky,
   it's just one of those "things".

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