Thursday, October 14, 2010

Acadia National Park...

...Maine, from the top of Mount Cadillac, to the stony shore,
this place is one of those, where there is always more;
in the woods and hills or at the beach,
to top it off, it's not hard to reach.

It's on Mount Desert Island, but you won't need a boat,
you drive over a causeway, there's nothing you need to float.
People stay in campgrounds, or in Bar Harbor, Maine,
you can hike and climb, or take a bus, it all turns out the same.

High cliffs and cobble beach's line most of the shore.

Ferns turn color in autumn, they're brown; the color is reflected sunlight
The "Bubbles"-proof that glaciers do strange things-at least when all this was 'carved' twelve thousand years ago.

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  1. Great pictures of Acadia! We did some of the same things you did. We loved the Thunder Hole. It was not very active when we were there either. Then we also had lunch at Jordan Lake - had to try the popevers and tea! Pam got to go on the Carriage Road while I worked one day but we both enjoyed Cadillac mountain! Wonderful time there! Full read on