Wednesday, June 30, 2010


...Virginia, we couldn't pass up a chance... visit a great town, maybe see a dance;
if you want charm, then this is your place,
Winchester's alive, and ahead in the race.

Known for it's apples a few years ago,
the city now puts on a whole new show;
gentrified, maybe, don't find that the case,
wonderful town, and a beautiful place.

Top: The ladies at the fence, in period dress
Middle: A poster for the "Apple Blossom Festival"
Bottom: Restored "old shopping district".

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Front Royal....

...Virginia, at the North end of Skyline Drive,
on the Shenandoah River and fully alive;
offers rest for the traveler, and for those who crave....
....Skyline Caverns offer a glimpse at a cave.

The Front Royal Cardinals play baseball here,
at Bing Crosby Stadium, where you can watch or drink beer,
Bing donated the building and land for the park,
the town added lights so they can play games after dark.

Top: Front Royal from the air
Middle: A recent addition to the Railroad Museum
Bottom: Anthrodite Crystals, rare for limestone, in Skyline Caverns.
NOTE: The caverns were formed by acidic rain which ran underground and erroded the limestone, all happened a very long time ago.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Shenandoah National Park...

....Virginia, Day Two.  Big Meadow in the fall,
must be nice to see, in fact to see it all.
We're kind of going at a slowed down pace,
140 miles with at 35 mile speed limit, it isn't a race.

These fall photos mark our final day,
we've sure had a wonderful stay;
Virginia is a rural state, some big cities too,
this is my favorite part, how about you?

Top: Big Meadow, full of color
Middle: The "Drive" from the air
Bottom: Waterfalls - always beautiful

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shenandoah National Park...

...Virginia, is a natural wonder too,
we'll travel it together, me and you.
Narrow and long it's not a long drive;
140 miles but it'll bring you alive.

Ol' Larry was here when he was nine,
and back again, one other time;
it's the lure of the mountains, or being up high,
don't know, but it's here under the sky.

Top: A welcome sign
Middle: What it looked like at nine years old, about when that car was new.
Bottom: Sunrise on Shenandoah

Saturday, June 26, 2010


...Virginia, not just another small place,
this town adds another nice face;
if mountain scenery is what you like most,
Waynesboro would make an awful nice host.

It's out last stop, before we go...
..on Skyline Drive, where twice long ago;
Ol' Larry once drove and where he once went with his dad,
always remembered a wonderful trip to be had.

All photos: Scenery surrounding Waynesboro

Friday, June 25, 2010


....Virginia, an unincorporated place,
there are a few people who join the pace;
this is vacation country and the trail runs through,
Appalachian wilderness, sticks to us like glue.

People hike that trail from Georgia to Maine,
and some come back to hike it again;
not my kind of walking, too old to climb those hills,
imagine the beauty seen in mountains and waterspills.

Top: At the top, looking down
Middle: A hiker on an easy part of "the trail"
Bottom: Crabapple Tree Falls - a water spill

Thursday, June 24, 2010


....Virginia, history alive,
buildings and grounds all get a high-five;
steeped in tradition, image aware,
all helps the visitor show proper care.

Still in the Blue Ridge, rural too,
it's the historic buildings that will thrill you,
two hundred year old farmhouses and barns,
bring back memories of grandpas yarns.

Top: Pure Virginia - thanks Amherst County
Middle: Dulhurst Manor, a bed and breakfast
Bottom: Amherst Historical Society Office

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


....Virginia, a place of history,
buried treasure, and a winery.
The Nation D Day Memorial is here too,
look at downtown, is that for you?

A larger town on the Appalacian Trail,
with the Peaks of Otter in the morning vail,
beauty surrounds you in the place,
are you sure you don't want to join the race?

Top: Downtown Bedford
Middle: On the outskirts of town
Bottom: Sunrise in Bedford

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blue Ridge....

...Virginia, back to the small town today,
and who wouldn't want to be here by the way,
U S route 221 is called the Blue Ridge Highway,
it goes quite a distance, that's my way.

It must be nice to wake up here,
with all the natual beauty near;
of course other place have their claim too;
I like them all, I'm sure you would too.

Top: US 221 winds through the mountains
Middle: A foggy morning
Bottom: Down in the valley

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cave Spring....

....Virginia, the biggest town we've seen for awhile,
but still small enough to make a stop worthwhile;
a suburb of Roanoke is what the place is now,
but there are still farms, even some with a cow.

It's a nice place to rest, and sits on some trails,
nice, friendly people who smile at what ails...
...some of the country, people who live..
..up in big cities, that have nothing to give.

Top: Cave Spring from the air
Middle: People take a break on their hike to take in the view.
Bottom: There really is a cave in Cave Springs.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


...Virginia, not just another small town,
if you want recreation, they won't let you down;
Gatewood park has 400 acres, and deep water shore,
bass fishing, and camp sites and more.

New River Trail, fifty-seven miles long,
follows the river, while you walk like a song,
it's a State Park with a wonderful trail,
but if I were to walk it, I fear that I'd fail.

Top: Nice gateway, thanks to the parks department
Middle(1): Gatewood Park
Middle(2): On the New River Trail
Bottom: And a downtown too!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


....Virginia, a small mountain place,
farms, a mine for coal, we've been dealt an ace;
if you like scenery, we're in the right state,
all that I've seen has amounted to great.

Tazewell was once the smallest town,
to own a trolley, which caused no frown,
the tracks taken up now, so it's in the past;
sometimes I worry that small towns wont last.

Top: Sunrise in Tazewell

Middle: Lake Merrit in Tazewell
Bottom: Tazewell in winter.

Friday, June 18, 2010


....Virginia, a small rural town, in a beautiful spot,
three thousand people and a Wal-Mart, that's what it's got,
except for the scenery, which adds a great deal,
if you live here it's free, if you don't it's a steal.

Near the southern end of the Skyline Drive,
now, that's the time to be glad you're alive;
we're going to see, what is some of the best,
and it all starts here in Virginia's west.

Top: Lebanon from the air.
Middle: A scene in early summer.
Bottom: They must suffer in the fall.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


...Virginia, home to sixty-two souls,
and home of the "Natural Tunnel", one the earths holes,
formed by a stream taking the 'easy way out';
Natural Tunnel State Park, gives this small town it's clout.

A train runs through here and a manmade near by,
it's a big deal when you stand in the end and see the sky,
So, sixty-two people and one neighborhood,
make up the town, where life is good!

Top: The stream and the tunnel
Middle: Present day, stream and rail track can be seen.
Bottom: One of the engines used in the past, nice!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Stone Gap....

...Virginia, just like the song, it's true,
in the Blue Ridge Mountains, just for you,
it's a wonderful small town, on the trail...
..of the lonesome just won't fail.

What scenery there is! It's just for us,
a small town tucked away from the fuss...
..almost.  A new prison built here,
has caused complaints, little fear.

Top: Welcome sign, to the town and trail
Middle: A foggy morning downtown, they are frequent
Bottom: A creek in the gap.
Bottom(2) The prison, by satelite
NOTE: Sorry about the arrangement of photos/captions. ed.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


...Virginia, at one end of the trail,
35 miles or abandoned railbed, not all for the frail;
don't think that in my mind, I'd like, I should
take a six day round trip myself, if I could.

This part of Virginia, has so many places,
for us to explore, with smile on our faces;
natural tunnels, hills and creeks,
mountains to climb to put red in our cheeks.

Top: Pictures of the Trail
Middle: More of the trail.
Bottom: White's Mill, yes - it's on the trail