Saturday, October 31, 2009


….Colorado, the town was founded in 1864,
Which, if we remember, was during the Civil War,
It's a lovely old town with Victorian charm,
And a populace that means us no harm.

It a little southeast of Denver, a suburb if you will,
A slight bit cold in the winter, other months just a chill;
The old Ford was coughing, coming up the road,
If you like altitude, here is the mother lode.

I've got some miles to go tomorrow, headed further south,
If we can get back in the country, I won't be so down in the mouth;
It's not that I don't like cities, but, my favorite they're not,
I suppose if I had to live in one, I would rather rot.

On the road…..
BIG news next week

Friday, October 30, 2009


....Colorado started when gold was found in 1858,
if you got here for anything else you are just too late,
just kidding! Mining here for gold, silver and coal,
were important until the 1950's when that got old.
The atomic clock's in Boulder, at the Bureau of Standards and Technology,
I wonder if they know what time it is, or at least what time it ought to be.
the University of Colorado is in this fair city, and Naropa U is here too,
it's based on Buddhist principals, oh the things they do.
It a very diverse city, like so many others,
that's a good thing because you can have many brothers,
tomorrow I'll not stay here long, I'll be headed south,
but I'll be here long enough, to stuff my big mouth.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


....Colorado, once Latham Station, a stop on the Overland Trail,
then named Union Colony home of the mighty and frail;
named for Horace Greeley of "go west, young man" fame,
with a quote like that, you cannot argue the name.

This is one busy place, here on the eastern slopes,
with weather that's wild, from cold to mild, that temper ones hopes"
it's agriculture that makes the wheels turn, cropland and range,
wheat, corn and a lot of beef, to someone east it would seem strange.

There is a lot to do, even vacation on a farm,
Whoever would pay them to pick peas, well I'll be darn;
many museums and exhibitions all through the year,
visited by some, home to many who hold this place quite dear.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Capital of Wyoming, what a busy place,
but things weren't always going on at such a pace;
The first tents pitched on July 4, 1867 got it off to a start,
now there are thousands of folks who take a part.
The name for the "people of foreign language" is from the Sioux,
they observed the railroad guys, and knew what to do,
then the railroad was built and the work gangs were gone,
but the cowboys came and, you know, they stayed on.
In the "wild west" every other building was a saloon,
the city was rowdy, good times didn't come too soon;
at the opera house Lily Langtry and Emma Nevada putting on shows,
good times and last came to Cheyenne, it was time for ribbons and bows.
There was an old Army post, Fort D A Russell, now known by a different name,
it's Air Force now, it's F W Warren AFB, the mission is the same.
The railroad still runs, but now it hauls oil and coal, and a little beef,
but Cheyenne remain steady, sturdy and to much relief.
Ride on!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


….Wyoming, the county seat of Platte County,
Home of some of Wyoming's bounty;
There's some oil and some gas but that's not the biggest feat,
No sir, this town has something that cannot be beat.

It's the home of Steamboat, you've seen his image I'm sure,
The famous bucking horse of the States license plate de jour.
He was famous in the rodeos, no riders could hold on;
So his was a fitting image, it's been on those plates so long.

If that honor was not quite enough, he is on the logo,
Of the University of Wyoming, as watches those sports teams go.
There aren't a lot of people but this town has it's charm,
It's good to spend the day here, or at least there is no harm.

Ride 'em Cowboy!
Watch for BIG news next week

Monday, October 26, 2009


….Wyoming, the Oil City is second largest in the state,
you can see a lot here, the scenery is great;
there's a lot to think about, when this city is the host,
it makes me wonder if this is the home to the famous ghost.

There was people here you know, ten thousand years ago,
ran buffalo in the sand traps, kill them with spear and bow;
they're still finding bones and stuff just near downtown,
and then, of course, the North Platte River runs all around.

And they got a baseball team here too, called Casper Ghosts,
I wonder who they beat this year, the least and the most;
there's fairs and rodeo all throughout the year,
if it's action that you're looking for, you can find it here.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Wyoming, still here, so much to hear,
the Jim Gatchell Museum is also here;
it's loaded with Native American gifts,
frontier guns, black powder shifts.

So much to see, it is a wonder,
how this one man, has so much plunder,
he was a pharmacist and a good natured man;
one who helped the town with it's plan.

Also a friend to the Native tribes,
they brought him gifts, that he describes,
as gifts to the town, he was their friend,
I don't know where else to begin.

Look at the photo, top of the page,
what a collection for any ones age;
it's hard to imagine, a collection like this,
being the product of one mans gifts.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


…..Wyoming! We made this far,
and I was worried about this damn car;
this old 1948 Ford keeps rollin' up the miles,
but it's brought us a whole lotta smiles.

This town, Buffalo, is so full of history,
it seems like every building on Main Street has it's own story;
the photo above is the Occidental Hotel, it's now a museum,
there's so many places and so many buildings you just have to see 'um.

I may hang around here for another day,
'course I don't know now, so I can't really say;
but this old west stuff is really worth seein',
and over in the National Forest theres Bighorns, wanna see 'um?

Well you'll find out tomorrow, we'll figger it out,
but right now, of course, I'm plum tuckered out.
It's a doggone shame if I have to hurry,
we'll figger it out! Don't you worry!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Big Horn…..

….National Historic Park, Montana, one of my picks,
The battle here in June of eighteen seventy-six;
Best known battle of the Sioux War,
That's what this park is for.

George Armstrong Custer and 700 men,
Rode in and many did not ride again,
Along with Custer died brothers (two),
A nephew and brother in law, too.

The Native American loss was great too,
And the Lakota/Cheyenne lost more than a few,
They were led by Sitting Bull into the fray,
To fight for the rights that had been taken away.

The loss of the buffalo hunt, and the loss of land too,
The Native American tribes pushed to the limits can do..
..little but fight the best fight that they had,
All in all this part of our history is so sad.

On the road tomorrow.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


….Montana, is the second largest city in the state,
But, it's the lead city in the largest metro area, isn't that great?
It was named for the President of the Northern Pacific Railroad,
And is known as the "magic city", for to many reasons to load.

Charles Lindbergh once worked in a Billings garage as a mechanic,
He, of course, was the first non-stop across the Atlantic;
There have been others that have stopped by,
Arlo Guthrie came to give college a try.

But it was it's growth into a regional center that gave to it's name;
Finance, medicine and education all are here to play in the game,
But to me that don't matter, I'm here for a day,
Then tomorrow for Little Bighorn, I'll be on my way.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


….Montana, right in the center of the state,
the site of an 1880s gold rush, isn't that great?
the town was planned in eighteen eighty-two,
I'm guessin' that makes it almost as old as you!

This is a really nice place, with lots of stuff to do,
guest ranches, turkey hunts and fossil hunting too;
of course you could go fishing in Fish Spring Creek,
isn't that a fitting name, taken from the Greek:)

I am headed south on a different route,
I think it's US 87, or somethin' there about;
headed down into Wyoming, with the cowboy on the plate,
Ol' Larry once stayed there, and he stayed up pretty late.

Giddy up

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


…Montana, another of James Hills railroad town,
Originally known as Rail Siding 54, it has a name of its own,
As a small town of about 2000 you wouldn't expect much,
But this town has dinosaurs and museums and such.

The Phillips County Museum has preserved dinosaurs now,
That were mummified 77 million years ago, wow!
They have Elvis, Roberta, Peanut and Leonardo those are the names,
They were unearthed just north of town, but there's not one called James.

This was the place of a train robbery, done by the Wild Bunch;
Butch Cassidy sent Kid Curry to rob, I wonder if he got lunch?
That was in July of nineteen oh one, when the train come under the gun,
Now I wonder what Butch was thinking when he sent only one.

Headed south tomorrow, good bye to Route two,
Now I'll head out on US one ninety one for a day or two,
Headed down into Wyoming, should be there next week,
This here state of Montana is big, it ain't no little squeak.

Big Sky - Oh my!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


…Montana was founded by in 1850 by James J. Hill,
It's an important town to the railroad still;
It's near Fort Peck Dam built in the 1930's, by the WPA,
And a Cold War Air Force Base, used by Boeing today.

The Pioneer Museum run by the County,
Show the greatness of the areas' bounty;
They have the largest collection of Assinboine that you can view,
For oral history, paintings and Lewis and Clark's visit too.

After today I'll still be headed west on U S Route Two,
Looking for interesting places for you to view;
You know, it's getting cold up here in the snow,
I'll be headed south before long though.


Wolf Point….

…..Montana, home of the Wild Horse Stampede,
Oldest rodeo in Montana, something that you need…
…to see. Also the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame;
Adds to the small city with the Wolf Point name.

Lewis and Clark camped here in Eighteen Oh Five,
On the banks of the Yellowstone, the river will survive;
It's where they built the Fort Peck Dam, back in the day,
And also the airport and the court house by the WPA.

I am on U S Route two, headed west a little way,
Then south to Wyoming, yeah, soon now any day;
I'll be back in the Mohave, get Roscoe to work on this car,
And see my Meatloaf, take a ride, I know he won't go far.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


...Near the joining of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers,
hot as can be in summer sun, and shivering in the winters,
Williston was founded in 1902 and named for a railroader;
this is a vital city, busy, genuine and not a freeloader.

Near the area "home" of Teddy Roosevelt, the cabin stands lonely and stark,
in what is now the North Unit of the Teddy Roosevelt National Park.
The great man who founded the National Park System, he had a ranch nearby,
here was a chosen area, rugged, rough and a great place to just not drive by.
Tomorrow: Montana

Friday, October 16, 2009


….North Dakota, trading hub of the northern mid-west,
guardian of the USA our interests in the world and all the rest;
at Minot Air Force Base there are an array of destructive forces,
should they be needed but only if there are no other choices.

Two Railroad museums are part of the town,
tracks come through from all around;
there are so many interesting things to see,
but one of them just calls to me.

Go see the Stave Church, see photo above,
built in the past, as a labor of love,
it reminded the settlers of the homelands so dear,
bringing their past from Scandinavia to here.

It is built using post and beam,
but the outside walls are not what they seem;
there are only rows of vertical plank,
strong and sturdy and of the first rank.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


...North Dakota founded in 1902,
named for Hermann Drake, aren't you?
Best known to the civilized plan,
as the home of Glen Uhlich, the man.

Now Ol' Larry and Glen were good pals, back when,
and they'd go out, you know, every now and then;
sometimes, I'd guess, they'd go a little to far,
just look at what happened to them in a car.

Glen and Ol' Larry decided to go,
to see what life was like in Sacramento,
off in Glen's Chevy away they did ride,
a couple of beers and swelling with pride.

After a fashion they started back to the base,
eighty-five miles that's not too far to race,
but they were quite loaded and needed to nap;
got about down to Dixon, and without using a map…

..pulled off the highway and proceeded to sleep into the night,
a knock on the window with the state cops flashlight,
he asked if they knew in which place they were,
as he lighted up the back seat, empty cans, caused a stir.

He said "you can't sleep here" and he made it quite clear,
"you're on the off ramp, it's dangerous here"
"I'll show you a place where you can sleep", and to make it to base;
"I'll wake you up in time, so you won't have to race".

So the guys got real lucky, no arrests had been made,
so did they learn a lesson? No way, they had it made in the shade;
but they confined their urges to roam,
and did all of their drinking closed to home.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


….North Dakota, County Seat of Wells County,
rich with the grains of natures bounty,
sits at the intersection of US fifty-two and State fifteen,
it's just right there waiting to be seen.

There was a bad fire, in April this year,
causing the loss of bowling and beer;
also lost was a favorite cafe, and making us blue,
the medical clinic was nearly lost too.

I will be leaving tomorrow real early,
almost to Drake, and I'm in a hurry;
ol' Larrys friend Glen is waiting up there,
I just want to see - if he has any hair.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


….Nouth Dakota, home to the National Buffalo Museum,
has an albino bison, White Cloud, come and see him.
the former Fort Seward on the banks of the James,
is now Jamestown so it had more than two names.

At the Frontier Village, where you can go,
are things that would teach you, so you would know;
how things used to be done, and what was the reason,
that farmers have always prepared for each season.

It's a great place to visit and it's handy to know,
that it's also home of the worlds largest buffalo, (photo)
oh sure, it's made from concrete, but it's a great source of pride;
the trouble for me was it was too large to ride!

Yee Haw

Monday, October 12, 2009


…..South Dakota, a progressive city,
near the James River and sitting pretty,
among the crops that grow year by year,
kids grinning from ear to ear.

My stay has been interrupted by some smell,
came in on the east wind, no one could tell…
..where it came from this terrible stench,
then we learned it was the Red Sox bench.

But that won't stop me from making my rounds,
further up north where the earth knows no bounds;
I'll continue my trip and my short visits too,
and I'll be writing them all down for you.

US 281 North

Note: The watercolor is "South Dakota Sunflowers", originally
it was call "North Dakota" in error; it's one I did last year from
a photo someone took while on a motorcycle trip.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


...South Dakota originally know as Stenetts Junction,
has pheasant hunting as a big function;
those birds are legendary here,
they'd rather hunt pheasant than deer.

This is quite a place, nice, railroad town,
a renovated depot won't make you frown;
they did it all over, it's really nice,
actually I visited it twice.

Tomorrow I'll be headed north,
I'm now on US 281, of course,
that road will meet with US 52,
I'm look forward to seeing Glen too.

On you huskies!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Huron two....

....take a look at the pheasant, this one is BIG,
standing there proudly, that's his gig,
Huron is home of the worlds largest one,
hunters come here, (watch out) they all bring a gun!
I stayed here for an extra day,
that old Ford has caused a delay,
it don't want to go, it just plain won't run;
now I'm worried and not having fun.
I found a mechanic and he'll take a look,
while I find my magical little check book,
this one will cost me, down to the last dime,
I'll be looking for work tomorrow this time!

Friday, October 9, 2009


...South Dakota, is not related to the lake,
but it's a noble name, it was a good one to take;
formed in 1880 by a man named Cain,
it hoped to be the capitol, and gain a little fame.

But that was not to be, so it's a railroad town,
by the James River, soooo come on down!
The State Fair is held here, every single year;
there are many things, come along and cheer.

I'm camping by the river, it's a warm night,
hope is not a record, 102 was quite a fright;
it's nice outside here, looking up at the stars,
and I don't have to worry, about things like cars.

The old Ford is doing fine, running right along,
that trouble of last week-don't know what was wrong.
But we're headed north, up to who knows where,
we'll get along just fine, unless we meet a bear!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


…South Dakota, where the corn palace is found,
It's something you need to see, next time you're around,
It's decorated every year, it's all done with grains and seeds,
Look at the photo up above, and see the results of their deeds.

There are other things to mention that are here too,
It's a good sized town, it'll take some leather from your shoe,
To see all of the antiques in those little shops,
Just don't sample any brews that are flavored with hops.

Tomorrow I'll be starting to make a run,
I'm going north like I was shot out of a gun,
Another couple of days and two hundred miles,
Betcha' that'll get me more than just smiles.

Yee Haw

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Is another small Nebraska town that delivers,
at the junction of the Niobrara and Missouri Rivers,
Headquarters of the Ponca Tribe fame,
they gave "running water" it's current name.

You will find a rail and foot bridge there,
the name of it is Chief Standing Bear.
You can see a camp site of Lewis and Clark,
where they stayed when it got dark.

The camp is marked by an old US flag,
15 stripes and 15 stars, is its tag.
I didn't camp out, so I've lived to tell;
that I stayed in the Two Rivers Saloon and Hotel.

The Mormon Monument is there too,
to mark where pioneers, leaving Nauvoo;
died from disease in their log fort alone,
before they could reach their Rocky Mountain home.
Photos: (L) 15 Flag (R) Standing Bear Bridge

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ponca Nebraska

White water rafting, in Nebraska?
Sure as I'm sittin' here, she wants to go, ask her.
The Eastern end of the white water trail,
Is right here, it's a holy grail.

In this town of Ponca, a county seat,
Fourth oldest town, it's really hard to beat.
There are several cafes in which you can dine,
And one motel, it suits me just fine.

That doggone old Ford, just keeps acting up,
So I had somebody go and look at that pup,
Some minor adjustments, so the fella says,
He guesses it will still get me quite a ways.

So I'm off tomorrow, Nebraska's running out of room,
That means that I'll be in South Dakota soon.
But for tonight I'm gonna be right here,
Watching the moon rise, the sky is really clear.
Photo: Ponca State Park

Monday, October 5, 2009


Nebraska, home of the Winnebago Tribe. In 500BC they lived in Western Kentucky and over time settled in Wisconsin; in the 1620's after a war with the rival Potawatomis' and epidemics of small pox and measles there were only about 150 individuals remaining.

They signed a treaty with the United States in 1816, and over the next few years lost all of their land. The Tribe was moved to Iowa, then to South Dakota and finally to here in Nebraska, many individual Winnebago traveled to the new home.

In 1975 with the advent of the Indian Claims Commission they were awarded $4.6 million to use for land acquisition, a sort of credit union and a wake and burial program.

The Tribe operates a casino near Interstate 29 and the Missouri River. The Tribe also has a mission or restoration of the Bison (American Buffalo). A healthy herd has been developed, the objective is also a return to the native diet which hopefully will result in a sharp decrease of Diabetes and other ailments related to the diet now consumed.
*Thanks to the Tribe; see
Back to regular format tomorrow.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


...says it all, about the town of Winslow,
look in any direction, and see the wind blow;
but there is a fabric to the town, it's really plain to see,
I mean after all today they've got me!

It is a county seat you know,
and even if the population is low,
there are still some differences made,
and a couple of trees offer shade.

I starting to worry some, about that old Ford,
it still runs and all, but I'm getting the word;
the old machine has just about,
runs it's course on it's way out.

Let's just hope it doesn't happen soon,
but, you know, what they say about the moon,
it'll be full tonight and offer lots of light,
but that's not what worries me, it's something not too bright.

Well, I'll just bed down, underneath the sky,
and think a lot about it, beneath the star bright high,
it's nice to be able, to camp out now and then,
but it's not as comfortable as I've always been.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


...Nebraska represents what is best,
and example for all the rest;
it's a place that people call home;
and resist the need to roam.

High School basketball teams,
has delivered what seems,
to be almost a record, to be seen,
straight wins are one hundred fourteen.

As we get our night of rest,
it's pointed out that the best;
of the crews of a submarine,
are enshrined for all to be seen.

The USS Wahoo, although named for a fish,
shared the name of this town, and they wish,
for the submarine to be remembered;
there's a memorial where it's past is numbered.

North tomorrow

Friday, October 2, 2009


We are now in Beatrice Nebraska, home of the Homestead best,
it's a historic monument to the people who settled the west;
the spirit prevails here in Nebraska, at the junction of the trails,
a spirit that tells the rest of us that man rarely fails.
Ol' Larry hitch hiked through here twice,
and he was always treated nice.
Once out of Kansas on the way to California,
once on the way to Iowa from California.
This town was named for a judges daughter,
who I suppose had done more than she oughta';
and I don't know if that is true,
it rhymes, is that okay with you?
continue on 77 north.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


….a common place name,
Honors this town of some fame;
the first stop west of St. Joseph, Missouri
on the pony express, and in a hurry,
riders were give two minutes to change…
..horses, and were back on the range.
Other attractions of some curiosity,
grace this wonderful little city,
home of the Black Squirrel is here,
coal black they are, and elsewhere rare.
There is a replica of an old rope ferry
used to cross rivers, and not in a hurry,
travelers going west to mine gold,
many passed through here, we are told.
There were men who came from South Carolina,
wanting to make Kansas a slave state which they thought was finer,
chased out of town, with no time to spare,
the town that they founded, is now under Marysville care.
Photos: Left-Black Squirrel Right-Pony Express Station