Thursday, October 1, 2009


….a common place name,
Honors this town of some fame;
the first stop west of St. Joseph, Missouri
on the pony express, and in a hurry,
riders were give two minutes to change…
..horses, and were back on the range.
Other attractions of some curiosity,
grace this wonderful little city,
home of the Black Squirrel is here,
coal black they are, and elsewhere rare.
There is a replica of an old rope ferry
used to cross rivers, and not in a hurry,
travelers going west to mine gold,
many passed through here, we are told.
There were men who came from South Carolina,
wanting to make Kansas a slave state which they thought was finer,
chased out of town, with no time to spare,
the town that they founded, is now under Marysville care.
Photos: Left-Black Squirrel Right-Pony Express Station


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