Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wolf Point….

…..Montana, home of the Wild Horse Stampede,
Oldest rodeo in Montana, something that you need…
…to see. Also the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame;
Adds to the small city with the Wolf Point name.

Lewis and Clark camped here in Eighteen Oh Five,
On the banks of the Yellowstone, the river will survive;
It's where they built the Fort Peck Dam, back in the day,
And also the airport and the court house by the WPA.

I am on U S Route two, headed west a little way,
Then south to Wyoming, yeah, soon now any day;
I'll be back in the Mohave, get Roscoe to work on this car,
And see my Meatloaf, take a ride, I know he won't go far.

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