Thursday, October 15, 2009


...North Dakota founded in 1902,
named for Hermann Drake, aren't you?
Best known to the civilized plan,
as the home of Glen Uhlich, the man.

Now Ol' Larry and Glen were good pals, back when,
and they'd go out, you know, every now and then;
sometimes, I'd guess, they'd go a little to far,
just look at what happened to them in a car.

Glen and Ol' Larry decided to go,
to see what life was like in Sacramento,
off in Glen's Chevy away they did ride,
a couple of beers and swelling with pride.

After a fashion they started back to the base,
eighty-five miles that's not too far to race,
but they were quite loaded and needed to nap;
got about down to Dixon, and without using a map…

..pulled off the highway and proceeded to sleep into the night,
a knock on the window with the state cops flashlight,
he asked if they knew in which place they were,
as he lighted up the back seat, empty cans, caused a stir.

He said "you can't sleep here" and he made it quite clear,
"you're on the off ramp, it's dangerous here"
"I'll show you a place where you can sleep", and to make it to base;
"I'll wake you up in time, so you won't have to race".

So the guys got real lucky, no arrests had been made,
so did they learn a lesson? No way, they had it made in the shade;
but they confined their urges to roam,
and did all of their drinking closed to home.

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