Friday, October 9, 2009


...South Dakota, is not related to the lake,
but it's a noble name, it was a good one to take;
formed in 1880 by a man named Cain,
it hoped to be the capitol, and gain a little fame.

But that was not to be, so it's a railroad town,
by the James River, soooo come on down!
The State Fair is held here, every single year;
there are many things, come along and cheer.

I'm camping by the river, it's a warm night,
hope is not a record, 102 was quite a fright;
it's nice outside here, looking up at the stars,
and I don't have to worry, about things like cars.

The old Ford is doing fine, running right along,
that trouble of last week-don't know what was wrong.
But we're headed north, up to who knows where,
we'll get along just fine, unless we meet a bear!

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