Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ponca Nebraska

White water rafting, in Nebraska?
Sure as I'm sittin' here, she wants to go, ask her.
The Eastern end of the white water trail,
Is right here, it's a holy grail.

In this town of Ponca, a county seat,
Fourth oldest town, it's really hard to beat.
There are several cafes in which you can dine,
And one motel, it suits me just fine.

That doggone old Ford, just keeps acting up,
So I had somebody go and look at that pup,
Some minor adjustments, so the fella says,
He guesses it will still get me quite a ways.

So I'm off tomorrow, Nebraska's running out of room,
That means that I'll be in South Dakota soon.
But for tonight I'm gonna be right here,
Watching the moon rise, the sky is really clear.
Photo: Ponca State Park

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