Tuesday, October 20, 2009


…Montana, another of James Hills railroad town,
Originally known as Rail Siding 54, it has a name of its own,
As a small town of about 2000 you wouldn't expect much,
But this town has dinosaurs and museums and such.

The Phillips County Museum has preserved dinosaurs now,
That were mummified 77 million years ago, wow!
They have Elvis, Roberta, Peanut and Leonardo those are the names,
They were unearthed just north of town, but there's not one called James.

This was the place of a train robbery, done by the Wild Bunch;
Butch Cassidy sent Kid Curry to rob, I wonder if he got lunch?
That was in July of nineteen oh one, when the train come under the gun,
Now I wonder what Butch was thinking when he sent only one.

Headed south tomorrow, good bye to Route two,
Now I'll head out on US one ninety one for a day or two,
Headed down into Wyoming, should be there next week,
This here state of Montana is big, it ain't no little squeak.

Big Sky - Oh my!

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