Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Capital of Wyoming, what a busy place,
but things weren't always going on at such a pace;
The first tents pitched on July 4, 1867 got it off to a start,
now there are thousands of folks who take a part.
The name for the "people of foreign language" is from the Sioux,
they observed the railroad guys, and knew what to do,
then the railroad was built and the work gangs were gone,
but the cowboys came and, you know, they stayed on.
In the "wild west" every other building was a saloon,
the city was rowdy, good times didn't come too soon;
at the opera house Lily Langtry and Emma Nevada putting on shows,
good times and last came to Cheyenne, it was time for ribbons and bows.
There was an old Army post, Fort D A Russell, now known by a different name,
it's Air Force now, it's F W Warren AFB, the mission is the same.
The railroad still runs, but now it hauls oil and coal, and a little beef,
but Cheyenne remain steady, sturdy and to much relief.
Ride on!

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