Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sheet Harbour....

...Nova Scotia, a small town on a big coast,
lobstermen and loggers won't give up the ghost;
it just a place to make a living, it's good,
not many come here, but a lot of us should.

Trails and rivers, there's a lot to be seen,
let alone the coast line, if you know what I mean,
you could take days, and a whole photo card,
just look around - it isn't that hard.

Top: A stormy day.
Middle: Pioneer Trail, Sheet Harbor, nice walk?
Bottom: Rapids on the West River, site of former mill on the left.

Monday, November 29, 2010


...Nova Scotia, the big city in the east,
and a busy place, feeding the financial beast;
ships, planes and people come and go,
while others sit and watch the city grow.

This is an engine that drives the maritimes,
there is no sit and wait, no wake up chimes,
it's a long work day for those that work on scene,
and for Halifax this is what life has come to mean.

Top: The Halifax skyline.
Middle: The schooner Bluenose in the harbor.
Bottom: Thomas Too Ted, a working tug.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

East River....

...Nova Scotia, the river, by the same name,
rushes to the sea, it's spring, it's the same old game;
it empties the land of the winter snow,
and of rains in the summer, it keeps up it's flow.

The village isn't much more than a house or two,
but it's quiet and lovely, made for just you;
come up and spend some time, look out at the bay,
camp in the field, spend more than a day.

Top: The East River.
Middle: The land and river.
Bottom: Mahone Bay (top) waiting for the river to empty.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


...Nova Scotia, a historic seaport that works,
things run smoothly, not by fits, starts, and jerks;
it is a busy place and people have a lot to do,
but they always make sure, to have time for you.

Historic buildings and streets on steep hills,
with harbor lit nights that will give you the chills;
colorful buildings, carefully preserved too,
Lunenburg waits, beautifully for you.

Top: Lunenburg for the air.
Middle(1): Down a steep street
Middle(2): Nightlights.
Bottom: A nice view

Friday, November 26, 2010

Kejimkujik national park Pt. 2...

...Nova Scotia, just couldn't finish in one day,
too much to see, and too much to say.
The Mersey River that runs through here,
is a resource that the people hold dear.

So much to do and so little time,
maybe I should take this 'home' and make it mine;
natural beauty as a magnet is a powerful thing,
it makes the hearts of pleasures sing.

Top: Fishing the Mersey River.
Middle(1): A Porcupine enjoying the day.
Middle(2): A waterfall on one of many small streams.
Bottom: Our final Kejimkujik sunset.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kejimkujik National Park....

...Nova Scotia, the only National Park in the Maritimes,
inland from the sea, animals of all kinds;
home of the M'cmaq (Micmac) a long time ago,
they still reside here too, and share the land and show.

This beautiful area has many sights to see,
we may have to spend two day, that's the way it's to be;
lakes and rivers, waterfalls, rocks and woods all here,
rejoice and be thankful for the moose and the deer.

Top: Some of the lakes.
Middle: Atkins Brook seen from the air.
Bottom: Along the Mersey River in the fall.
NOTE: The Micmac tribe still live in the Maritime Provence's, and some in Maine.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


....Nova Scotia, there aren't many sandy beaches...
..along this stretch of shore, but this one reaches..
..out to meet the need; but the water is cold;
but in Liverpool they like it, it doesn't grow old.

This is a paper mill town, uses the abundant supply..
of wood from the forest, all grown nearby.
It's an important product, becomes a way of life;
work each day in the mill, go home to a loving wife.

Top: The beach.
Middle: Main Street in Liverpool.
Bottom: Fort Point Lighthouse.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Granite Village...

...Nova Scotia, a small village tucked in a cove, alone,
save for the sound of the sea, and the wind that can chill to the bone;
known for it's beauty, the scenery is great,
we could all live with a much lesser fate.

Visits by seals, and sea birds galore,
with miles and miles of shoreline there to explore;
cold in the winter, but the beauty persists,
there are in this world far worse places that exists.

Top: Just a little ice.
Middle: A visitor.
Bottom: Blueberry bushes in fall splendor, looks nice on the granite.

Monday, November 22, 2010


....Nova Scotia, just like it's namesake over in Vermont,
this Shelburne too, has all the history anyone could want;
from the buildings to the waterfront, it's just like in the past,
anyone who likes these things had better get here fast.

The pace is picture perfect in almost every way,
and it's quite a place to spend a whole day;
wander around and look, oh, my! What a town,
so I'll recommend that you come up and look around.
Top: The waterfront from across the harbor.
Middle(1): One of the old waterfront buildings (the pigeons like it).
Middle(2): The Shelburne County Museum (the green bldg.)
Bottom: The German U-boat 889 surrenders in Shelburne in May 1945!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Clarks Harbour....

...Nova Scotia, a fishing town for sure,
lots of boats in the fleet, and not a whole lot more;
days at sea, lobsters in the trap for sale,
hope for calm water, or fishing in a gale.

Home of the Cape Islander boat, a sturdy craft to use,
just good hardworking folk here with a lot to lose;
no lobsters mean no pay this week, not a good thing,
come and visit for awhile, you'll know what to bring.

Top: A windy day
Middle(1): A dory takes a ride through town
Middle(2): The fleet is in for the day.
Bottom: The shoreline.
A Note: Clarks Harbour is the southern most town in Nova Scotia.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


...Nova Scotia, you can arrive by road or by sea,
but Yarmouth is one nice place to be;
scenery abounds, and the air is clean,
and on top of that, is a good place to be seen.

It's a small city, but that's the idea,
the place is refreshing, let's make that clear,
the people are friendly, the streets are clean,
see for yourself just what I mean.

Top: The Cat, Bay Ferries run a daily trip from Portland or Bar Harbor Maine.
Middle: The fleet is in.
Bottom: A part of the downtown business district.

Friday, November 19, 2010


....Nova Scotia, also known as Church Point,
and what a lovely place, and a name to anoint...
..a special place on earth, known by whatever name,
just remember that to miss it would be a shame.

Facing to Bay of Fundy with it's very high tide,
to come here is really worth a very long ride;
the ocean and the rocky shore, what delightful sound they make,
and the views and the air is almost more than we can take.

Top: The Point.
Middle: The church.
Bottom: Church Point Light.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


...Nova Scotia, scallops, deep fried or broiled,
this is where to get them, pan fried and oiled,
more of those shellfish are landed here...
...than any other port, year after year.

On the Bay of Fundy is where this fishing town sits,
it's a busy place, the pier is full of starts and fits;
you should take a look, it's a nice place after all,
come up and check it out, summer, spring or fall.

Top: Sunrise in Digby.
Middle: The "fleet is in".
Bottom: Low tide at Smugglers Cove.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


....Nova Scotia, a small town you'd like to see,
a small village right there by the sea,
with places to walk, even more at low tide,
you might come here, next time you go for a ride.

The town is famous for volunteers,
over ten percent served in WW2, let me hear cheers;
it's that way with people from here,
come on up, and lend them your ear.

Top: The Village.
Middle: The shore at low tide, pretty crowded, eh?
Bottom: Margaretsville Lighthouse.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


...Nova Scotia, in the Gaspereau Valley, and on Fundy Bay,
here's the location for tourists to spend a day,
sightseeing or walking, or on a whale watching boat;
there's something here that will float any one's boat.

It's a small town, with lots to offer,
and visitors enough to keep cash in the coffer;
so come on up even though it's a long ride,
this town will welcome you with all of their pride.

Top: Part of the downtown area.
Middle: Churches lined up on the waterfront.
Bottom: Whale watching on the Bay of Fundy.

Monday, November 15, 2010


...Nova Scotia.  On the Salmon River and home to a tidal bore! (above)
That's when the tides are high and fast, there's a wave in the river, what a chore,
see the line in the water, near the middle, up there,
there aren't many photos of one to share.

So, why don't we all go on a very long ride,
and see for ourselves the bore or a tide?
Well, it is a long way, even for me,
but it would be an interesting thing to see.

Top: The tidal bore on the Salmon River.
Middle: Shady Lane Farm, it's a successful Bed & Breakfast.
Bottom: Waddel Falls in Victoria Park.