Saturday, November 6, 2010

Medford (part 1)....

....This would be my hometown, if it wasn't for my birth... another place, but for what it's worth;
this is a perfect place, if one really exists, it's right up this road,
narrow with some turns and an occasional moose to ease the load.

So for Abby and I an anniversary, our first,
we'll buy Ol' Larry's house, the travel has burst;
we'll stay here for a while, before we travel on,
and by the way it's Larry and Linda's too (#28), go on toot you horn.

Ol' Larry and Linda, twenty-eight years ago,
started this journey, and there's still a ways to go,
they moved up here in '88, with three kids in tow,
then the other one came home, it caused the town to grow.

When they got here the population had reached 163,
and all of those people were happy as could be,
to have some new neighbors, they adopted us real quick,
and elected the geezer to office, they said that would do the trick.

Ol' Larry served the town for 8 or more years,
on the Selectmen committee, it's for volunteers,
take care of the finances, such as they were,
and that time went quickly, almost in a blurr.
Top: The road to Medford from Lagrange (State route 16).
Bottom: The house, in early summer.

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