Monday, November 1, 2010

Gulf Hagas (KI)..

...Maine.  The Grand Canyon of Maine, oh, what a place,
part of Katahdin Iron Works Township, it needs it's own space,
rugged and wild, natural and free too,
it's a long walk, but it would be worth it for you.

The Appalachian Trail passes right through,
for those on the long hike deserve a good view,
there are the Screw Augur Falls, and all of the pools,
all made by nature, and without any tools.

Top: One of the falls.
Middle: A nearby bog and a misty morning.
Bottom: Another of the falls.

NOTE:  Just a few more days now until Tehachapi is in his new home (11-6-10); and one or two more days right here!  We are very near his new home right now.

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