Sunday, October 31, 2010

Katahdin Iron Works Township....

....Maine, the State's only smelters for twenty years or so,
just ingots moulded in the dirt, they didn't last, it was long ago,
but the land's still here beautiful and great,
we're going to stay two days in this part of the State.

Lots of people come here to hike or climb,
I like to hike but climbing is not a thrill of mine,
it's a good place for a walk, or maybe catch a fish,
in the Pleasant River, I'd go on an invite or a wish.

Top: Rows of brick kilns and tender buildings, the smelters were in another row. c.1850
Middle: All that's left one kiln and one smelter.
Bottom: The Pleasant River runs through the KI near Screw Augur Falls (see tomorrow).

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