Friday, October 29, 2010

Old Town...

...Maine, where they make the canoe,
shoes and paper used to be made here too;
the paper mill  now makes some bio-fuel,
and electricity and steam, that is no fool.

It's the home of the Penobscot Nation,
who live on Indian Island, sort of Reservation;
this is a nice "small" town sort of place,
but, big enoung still, to be in the rat race.

Top: Old Town from the air.
Middle: The Old Town-Milford dam, a hydro project for years, it will be removed soon.
Bottom: The "home" of Old Town Canoe, they still make canoes and kayaks, now all fiberglass, no longer make cedar ones.

NOTE:  Isn't it odd that when Ol' Larry is away Tehachapi can't write his own stuff?
 see to see where Ol' Larry has been

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