Sunday, November 7, 2010

Medford (part 2)

Piscataquis River at Medford
The Piscataquis River bisects the tiny village of Medford (population 184). The north bank is known as Medford; the south bank is Medford Center. Before the Bangor & Aroostook Railroad opened a 600-foot-long, 60-foot-high trestle across the river in 1907, a ferry hauled supplies, produce, and people across the water. Eventually, ferry service ceased, and the freight line provided the only river crossing in the area. Citizens in Medford Center wanting to conduct municipal business were forced to travel a 40-mile route. When the railroad abandoned the line, more daring townspeople resorted to crossing the open ties of the trestle on foot and by car.
  After a short while the bridge was planked and guardrails were added, it is a one-lane bridge, but
traffic is light (as you'd expect).
"The Bridge" under construction, a long time ago

The church at Medford Center-out of use for years

A view from the bridge in winter.

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