Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Big Horn…..

….National Historic Park, Montana, one of my picks,
The battle here in June of eighteen seventy-six;
Best known battle of the Sioux War,
That's what this park is for.

George Armstrong Custer and 700 men,
Rode in and many did not ride again,
Along with Custer died brothers (two),
A nephew and brother in law, too.

The Native American loss was great too,
And the Lakota/Cheyenne lost more than a few,
They were led by Sitting Bull into the fray,
To fight for the rights that had been taken away.

The loss of the buffalo hunt, and the loss of land too,
The Native American tribes pushed to the limits can do..
..little but fight the best fight that they had,
All in all this part of our history is so sad.

On the road tomorrow.

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