Monday, October 5, 2009


Nebraska, home of the Winnebago Tribe. In 500BC they lived in Western Kentucky and over time settled in Wisconsin; in the 1620's after a war with the rival Potawatomis' and epidemics of small pox and measles there were only about 150 individuals remaining.

They signed a treaty with the United States in 1816, and over the next few years lost all of their land. The Tribe was moved to Iowa, then to South Dakota and finally to here in Nebraska, many individual Winnebago traveled to the new home.

In 1975 with the advent of the Indian Claims Commission they were awarded $4.6 million to use for land acquisition, a sort of credit union and a wake and burial program.

The Tribe operates a casino near Interstate 29 and the Missouri River. The Tribe also has a mission or restoration of the Bison (American Buffalo). A healthy herd has been developed, the objective is also a return to the native diet which hopefully will result in a sharp decrease of Diabetes and other ailments related to the diet now consumed.
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