Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Is another small Nebraska town that delivers,
at the junction of the Niobrara and Missouri Rivers,
Headquarters of the Ponca Tribe fame,
they gave "running water" it's current name.

You will find a rail and foot bridge there,
the name of it is Chief Standing Bear.
You can see a camp site of Lewis and Clark,
where they stayed when it got dark.

The camp is marked by an old US flag,
15 stripes and 15 stars, is its tag.
I didn't camp out, so I've lived to tell;
that I stayed in the Two Rivers Saloon and Hotel.

The Mormon Monument is there too,
to mark where pioneers, leaving Nauvoo;
died from disease in their log fort alone,
before they could reach their Rocky Mountain home.
Photos: (L) 15 Flag (R) Standing Bear Bridge

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