Sunday, October 4, 2009


...says it all, about the town of Winslow,
look in any direction, and see the wind blow;
but there is a fabric to the town, it's really plain to see,
I mean after all today they've got me!

It is a county seat you know,
and even if the population is low,
there are still some differences made,
and a couple of trees offer shade.

I starting to worry some, about that old Ford,
it still runs and all, but I'm getting the word;
the old machine has just about,
runs it's course on it's way out.

Let's just hope it doesn't happen soon,
but, you know, what they say about the moon,
it'll be full tonight and offer lots of light,
but that's not what worries me, it's something not too bright.

Well, I'll just bed down, underneath the sky,
and think a lot about it, beneath the star bright high,
it's nice to be able, to camp out now and then,
but it's not as comfortable as I've always been.

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