Saturday, October 24, 2009


…..Wyoming! We made this far,
and I was worried about this damn car;
this old 1948 Ford keeps rollin' up the miles,
but it's brought us a whole lotta smiles.

This town, Buffalo, is so full of history,
it seems like every building on Main Street has it's own story;
the photo above is the Occidental Hotel, it's now a museum,
there's so many places and so many buildings you just have to see 'um.

I may hang around here for another day,
'course I don't know now, so I can't really say;
but this old west stuff is really worth seein',
and over in the National Forest theres Bighorns, wanna see 'um?

Well you'll find out tomorrow, we'll figger it out,
but right now, of course, I'm plum tuckered out.
It's a doggone shame if I have to hurry,
we'll figger it out! Don't you worry!


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