Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pismo Beach.....

….California, home of the famous clams and such,
a good place to stop and walk on the beach if you don't want to do much;
a right pretty place on the face of this earth,
watchin' the waves give the ocean new birth.

Ol' Larry used to come here back in '59,
hitchhiked down from Alameda, bought coffee for a dime;
when prices went way up, more than they oughta,
raised the damn price of coffee up to a quarter.

Well, the old guy, way back then, didn't have a lot to spend,
he got paid 'bout thirty-seven dollars for two weeks to the end;
so he didn't come down here as often after that,
but he sure remembers the smell of clam flat.

He still came down here once in a while,
the memory still makes him smile;
he still travels this coast in his dreams,
it's just the legacy of one of his schemes.

North to south, hitchhikes just don't unravel,
after all, he joined the Navy to travel.
he's never given up that traveling ghost,
he's doing it today, right now, as your host.

We're headed up north on state route one,
prettiest road, if ever there was one;
the ocean shore comes right to the edge,
but you have to go down some pretty steep ledge. (see photo).

Take a ride!

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