Thursday, November 19, 2009


Ol' Larry is writing today.

…California, Naval Air Station was my home, twice,
all of my memories, almost, of the place are nice.
I could just write this entire blog about this one place,
of course, now, it has a much different face.

I first arrived in fifty-nine, first duty right out of school,
for four years I worked there in Supply, oh we were cool!
There are so many memories of this work place,
just thinking about it, starts my mind to race.

One single sailor could not have asked more,
then to serve his duty on this Pacific shore;
there were times when we worked hard, and times when we played,
that's all for now, but you will see how I stayed. (sort of)

Continued tomorrow: Larry spent about half of his Navy career, by things
that are represented on the base.

In the distance: San Francisco on the left, Yerba Buaena Island/Treasure Island on the near right

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