Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuba City….

….Arizona, sure ain't no Sousaphone place,
we didn't see a marching band at any rate;
it's in the Painted Desert, mostly inhabited by Navajo,
it's the largest Navajo town, and a number of Hopi are here also.

There's a whole lot to see here, if you like desert scenery,
we thought things were beautiful, like Abby is to me;
take a look at the photo, it's right up above,
one big dinosaur footprint, don't look like no sign of love.

At one time these huge critters roamed around here free,
you can tell it wasn't recent, there sure ain't no mud to see;
it's just a short hop over to Grand Canyons eastern edge,
which is one of natures largest sightings of colorful ledge.

On westward!

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