Friday, November 6, 2009

Monte Vista….

….Colorado, that's Spanish for Mountain View,
It's seems like a good place to introduce her to you,
She's the prettiest gal I've seen in quite a while,
Abby, just the name alone makes me smile.

I'd talked her into goin' riding along to see what we might see,
Tryin' to work up the nerve, to ask her to go along with me,
Well sir we came to Monte Vista, and got tired along the way,
So I asked her if she minded, if I found a place to stay.

So I found the Blue Star Motel,
There was only one room, oh well;
She said she didn't mind - if I slept on the floor,
Of course I was hoping, for maybe a little more.

She wasn't havin' none of that, but she told me with a smile,
It might just be okay, to lay together for a while;
Well sir we started spoonin' and she was leavin' me behind,
She said if we got hitched, well, she'd wouldn't mind.

So, you see, I got one on my one good knee and pleaded,
Would you marry me Abby? You're just what I always needed.
Well sir, she said that she would be some pleased;
Just as long as I didn't spend my life down there on my knees.

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