Friday, November 20, 2009


….California, Naval Air Station. Ol' Larry's still talking.

There are so many memories of that place and time,
shared by some others, who are still friends of mine;
Gene and Dot, Glen, Smitty and John: Are still showing signs,
these among others after fifty years remember the times.

The whole place is deserted now, and it seems so odd,
how could this place of memories go beneath the sod?
It will never be reclaimed and returned the way it was;
it's like we just clicked our heels, and left the land of Oz.

I left the Naval Air Station in nineteen sixty-three,
went to Japan and spent two years at the NSD. (Naval Supply Depot)
And we all went our separate ways, only I would return,
but you can't erase the memories - that in your brain still burn.

Tomorrow: The return

Top: The barracks - present
Bottom: (?)Supply or some other-present

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