Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6...

Ignacio Colorado, that was our chosen place,
high up in the mountains, the sun smiled on our face;
I was getting' nervous with all this stuff goin' on,
I just wanted to get married, get this whole thin done.

Abby was the quiet one, happy and in control,
while we waited; hurry up I'm getting' old!
At the Sky Ute Casino, owned by the Southern Ute,
I had a headache, and boy it was a beaut!

The time had finally come, she was to be my wife,
I really had to calm down with this addition to my life,
we said our "I do's" in front of, Wilbur, a judge.
Two simple words - and I forgot my lines! Oh fudge!

Then it was (finally) over, and I had calmed down,
and I had gotten my feet back on the ground;
we stayed the night in this grand hotel,
now it's startin' to sink in! Oh well!

We'll be back on the road tomorrow, November seven,
I'm a happy man tonight, right up in seventh heaven,
how I got so lucky, one can only guess,
but I'm gonna try to be my very best.

This is dedicated to my lovely wife, Linda, on our own wedding
Anniversary, November 6.

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