Tuesday, November 3, 2009


…….Colorado, is a really great place,
it started in 1934 as an Army Air Force base,
there is still an aviation museum for all to see,
the mighty B24, which made World War Two history.

The Historic Arkansas River walk goes right through town,
when riding on the boats, you won't notice a frown;
the Recreation Area is a 'gift' to the City,
all along the river trail everything is pretty.

All about the city you'll find history and grace,
and on the Arkansas River you can see a race;
or maybe just a nice slow ride, they are provided,
anyone can get in on them, nothing is one sided.

Photos: Left is a photo a night, the cars were in a show, looks like they're related to my old Ford. Right is a photo of one of the boats, people also can rent pedal boats.(not shown)
Looks like the photos will be top and bottom: The actual post comes out different than I write it some times.

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