Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ol' Larry just won't shut up, the old geezer either can't or won't stop!

When I left Japan, it was one quick flight home,
A KC135 with nine passenger seats, cold to the bone,
I reported to the USS Hornet now at Alameda too,
That's where I got the extra time represented there, hey you!

Are you keeping up with all this stuff?
All anyone needs to do - is simply say enough!
But one year on the Hornet and a WestPac cruise too,
Brought me right back, you know where, don't you?

This time it was DVR-21 which was re-commissioned as VR-30,
I had to leave the Hornet the day she left for Australia, boo!
And no leave either they needed me in a hurry, still don't know why,
Anyway while there, I did get the chance to fly.

They called it Flight Crew Load Supervisor, it was a lot of work,
But I guess the extra pay made it worth it, it was a perk,
So I think if we add this up, 4 and 1 are 5, add the other 5 is ten,
So a little more then half, spent here in Alameda, that's where I've been.

Top: USS Hornet CVS12
Middle: C131F of VR-30
Bottom: What the hanger looks like now

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