Sunday, November 1, 2009

Castle Rock….

….Colorado, just east of the Front Range of the Rockies lies,
Where the Arkansas and South Platt Rivers plies,
The Town of Castle Rock, and a very fine town it is now,
As in 1874 when there were two men and one cow.

It has come a long way since Jeremiah Gould gave some land,
There were cowboys, prospectors and cattle men on hand;
To form the town along the line of the Rio Grande Railway,
And they found the Rhyolite stone as the reason to stay.

I'll be here just tonight, before heading on,
Now I'm getting' anxious from here to be gone,
Home for a little rest and Meatloaf needs to ride,
But my feet will itch again and I'll be back outside.

South and west!
Rhyolite is similar to granite - the large "outcropping" in the photo is rhyolite rock.

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