Sunday, August 30, 2009

There ain't.... Elvis in Memphis, Texas and there never was,
this is a small county seat, that has a common cause;
saving the best stuff for the future times to come;
this old place thinks the war is won.

There are fifty miles of brick paved street,
it's so great to and fun to drive, really quite a treat.
So I guess I'll spend the night;
then get out when it's daylight.

There ain't no hotels here anymore,
so in that old Ford is where I'll snore.
But in the morning with blue in the sky,
there is a store, breakfast to buy.

Then I'll ramble right along old US two eighty-seven,
headed for Dallas which I heard was like heaven.
I doubt that heaven is like Dallas at all,
but I can see the Cowboys lose the ball.

We'll see.

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