Friday, August 28, 2009

Ya' know....

...when you're getting to Plainview, the sign is there to see,
Welcome Friend to Plainview Texas you'll be proud to be
associated with us friend! So I guess I'm welcome;
at least according to the sign, but I know that it's not home.

Now I got to start asking for and looking for my friend,
I forgot his address, his numbers around the bend;
will I ever find him, you guess is as good as mine;
I just point this old Ford, it finds things all the time.

Oh boy! Here's the house, I remember now,
it's the one beside the road painted like a cow!
I don't know why Bill took a notion;
I think I'd have painted it, to look more like an ocean!

So we pull in the drive way to 11 Holstein Place,
knock on the door and right into ol' Billies face.
We shake hands and he asks me in, he beckons with a smile,
I never thought you'd get here, figgered you miss me by a mile.

Well, I'm going to spend the day here in the Texas sun,
finding ol' Bill's a battle, that's finally been won.
Oh, we'll remember things that we used to do,
when I did this thing or that, or really was it you?

It's nice seeing a friend (he don't know 'bout Jeff)

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