Sunday, August 23, 2009

On the...

...road again, just ain't for Willie Nelson,
'sides that, you know, I'm mighty handsome.
We are on the road, that goes who knows where,
guess I better check that map, really, I do care.

Yep! That's the place that we want to be,
see that sign? It really says, "Welcome to Tucumcari".
I don't know much about this place, I guess that's alright.
Anyhow, I feel to good, to go and pick a fight.

They got a farmers market, each and every day,
and lots of places you can go, and places I can stay.
It's the gem of the mother road, you know, sixty-six,
else there'd be no reason to be out here in the sticks.

But, I think, maybe tomorrow I will start,
out in the early morning, that's Jeffs hard part.
we'll get in to Texas, just before dark,
we'll be in a hurry to find a place to park.

Oh, the things you think you see, out in the desert sands,
I thought that I found water, but it was only my hands;
Keep a water bottle handy, when you chance to go;
out here in this high desert place of New Mexico.

Next stop Texas (it's almost as big as my lies)

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